Coming Soon Trailers: Creed, The Good Dinosaur, Victor Frankenstein

The Good Dinosaur Coming soon Trailers

Coming Soon Trailers

T’is the day before Turkey Time and Hollywood has gifted us three major releases on a Wednesday night.  That means you have just enough time to watch these trailers, put the bird in the oven on low, and skedaddle down to the theater to catch some prime-time movie viewing!

Wide Releases


creed Coming soon TrailersAdonis Creed (Michael B Jordan), the talented but emotionally flammable son of Rocky’s frenemy Apollo Creed, seeks out the retired slugger for mentorship.  Rocky is reluctant, but realizes that the ring may be the best place for Creed’s son to fight his personal demons, and agrees to train him for a shot at the title.


When to See It:  In theaters.  Love me some Rocky movies (except you, Tommy Gunn, you get the hell outta here!) so why not pony up for the next leg of the journey with the mumble mouthed stallion with fists of granite and a heart of gold?

The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur Coming soon TrailersWhat if the dinosaurs hadn’t become extinct?  After a near miss from a fateful asteroid, the dinosaurs continue their reign, only to witness the emergence of a new type of mammal with opposable thumbs and questionable grooming:  cave men.  While most dinosaurs are less than pleased, the good dinosaur decides to help out a missing man-cub get back to his tribe.  So The Jungle Book plus T-Rexes plus Pixar.


When to See It:  If you have any excuse to take a younger viewer to the movies, this is a must see (hell, you can pretend your nephew never showed up and see it solo!)  Like I said above, The Jungle Book plus T-Rexes plus Pixar.  You can’t go wrong here.

Victor Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein Coming soon TrailersA quirky take on the Frankenstein story, told from the perspective of the perennially forgotten assistant, Igor.  This film is partly a genesis story about how the two grave robbers became famous, but seems to include a large dose of snark and action.


When to See It:  Wait for reviews.  This could be amazing…or it could be the opposite.  Fresh takes on Frankenstein have been really lacking lately (looking at you both, Van Helsing and I, Frankenstein!)

Video On Demand

Killing Them Safely

A documentary that takes an unflinching look at the safety record behind the so-called non-lethal Taser, and the industry behind it’s rise to ubiquity, both in law enforcement and pop-culture.



A former military man turned chauffeur must save a stretch limosine full of his friends when kidnappers force the vehicle to crash in a river…and then continue to attack the vehicle while it is underwater!  Think The Transporter with a dose of Snowpiercer‘s claustrophobia.




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