Coming Soon Trailers: Dark Phoenix, Secret Life of Pets 2.

Coming Soon Trailers: Dark Phoenix, Secret Life of Pets 2.

Coming Soon Trailers: Dark Phoenix, Secret Life of Pets 2.

What will likely be Fox’s final X-Men outing hits theaters, looking for a big send-off.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.  Now that Disney has gobbled up yet another studio and their properties, Dark Phoenix looks to be the final outing for Xavier’s school of gifted mutants under the Fox banner.  It’s a bold move to finish the main franchise on the Phoenix story, as it had been done before…and it’s critical failure spelled the end of the original continuity.

Coming Soon Trailers: Dark Phoenix, Secret Life of Pets 2.
If I don’t kill you, Jean, something awful is going to happen…

The series kicked off the modern renaissance of super hero movies, making films such as The Dark Knight and Iron Man possible.  Fox has helmed twelve films in the franchise, from blockbusters like the 2000 original X-Men and Logan, to questionable outings – yes, we’re beating the X-Men Origins drum again.  After nearly twenty years, can X-Men manage one last big hurrah at the box office?

Coming Soon Trailers: Dark Phoenix, Secret Life of Pets 2.
…No! I was too late to prevent it!

At home, the streaming market makes up for last week’s lull with more than a dozen new offerings.

Wide Release.

Dark Phoenix.

Young Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) hides tremendous power inside her, locked away by Professor Xavier (James McAvoy) to protect her young mind.  When that power begins to break free, the X-Men and their former foes must band together to save the world and their friend from the Phoenix force.

The Secret Life of Pets 2.

We follow Max (Patton Oswalt) and his other house-pet friends as they continue their adventures while their owners are away from home.

Video on Demand.

The Cleaning Lady.

Alice seems to be living the perfect life, but her success hides dark secrets.  She begins to confide in her new maid, Shelly, striking up a close friendship.  Unfortunately, Shelly seems too invested in her new boss’ life, with dire consequences.

Wonders of the Sea.

The fabled Cousteau family of marine explorers offer a documentary about the wonders of the ocean, and the pressing need to preserve it in the face of ecological peril.

First to the Moon.

A documentary about the Apollo 18 mission, that definitely put people on the moon, you conspiracy theory nuts!


When the local drug dealer turns out to actually be a serial killer, his clients get a hit they were not expecting.

Extracurricular Activities.

Reagan is the top student at his school, with an odd side hustle:  he will dispose of the problematic parents of his classmates, for a fee.  A seasoned detective starts to piece the puzzle together, leading to a battle of wits.

The Possession Diaries.

Rebecca sets out to prove that Ouija boards are demonic…by using herself as a guinea pig and streaming the resulting occult assault on her soul via webcam.


Paul is a returning vet who looks to forget his problems with a series of casual flings.  This dalliance leads him and his family to become entangled in an underground sex scene where murder and revenge replace pillow talk.

The Odds.

For a chance at one million dollars, a troubled young woman engages in a series of deadly competitions for the amusement of a virtual audience.

The Bastard’s Fig Tree.

During the Spanish War, a soldier working for the fascists loses himself in his bloody work.  When his conscience is troubled by seeing the young child of his last execution, he disappears and sets himself up tending fig trees – certain that one day the boy will come looking for retribution.

I am Mother (Netflix.)

A young girl awakens in a high tech facility, the first offspring of a program to repopulate the devastated world.  She is cared for by the A.I. known as Mother, but begins to question it’s benevolence when a stranger from the outside world arrives.

Framing John DeLorean.

A documentary exploring the controversial life of eccentric automaker John DeLorean, and his fall from grace after charges of drug trafficking.

The Child Remains.

An couple expecting their first child take a romantic weekend to a secluded inn, which happens to be the site where unwanted teen mothers and their children were murdered.  The souls of the slain do not rest easy.

The Black Godfather (Netflix.)

A documentary about Clarence Avant, a high powered man in the music industry who moved in the highest circles behind the scenes.

Katie Says Goodbye.

A desperate young woman who dreams of leaving her desolate home town winds up selling more than just dinner to her clients at the towns only diner.

Project Ithaca.

A group of strangers awaken aboard a strange space craft and must work together to understand their predicament – and get home alive.



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