Coming Soon Trailers: Deadpool 2…Show Dogs, Book Club?!

Coming Soon Trailers: Deadpool 2...Show Dogs, Book Club?!

Coming Soon Trailers: Deadpool 2…Show Dogs, Book Club?!

The merc with a mouth goes up against a group of senior citizens and a live action dog comedy.  I like his odds.

Ho boy!  Talk about counter-programming at its weirdest.  Paramount Pictures took a long look at the May schedule of movies dominated by mega-franchises and decided to put out Book Club.  A week after Mother’s Day.  I’m assuming they get some sort of tax break when this film tanks.  Against this we get another head-scratcher as Will Arnett, Ludacris, and Shaq team up in a live action cop comedy featuring a team of talking dogs and an FBI agent.  When I announced we’d be doing a live “write the worst film script” contest for our next podcast, I didn’t think Hollywood was going to make my job this easy.

Coming Soon Trailers: Deadpool 2...Show Dogs, Book Club?!
Yeah. OK. Whatever.

On the homefront, we’re heavy on documentaries this week.  From inspirational stories of overcoming adversity to whatever the hell Steven Tyler is up to, I guess we’ve got you covered.  Alongside these, we have invading aliens, surviving homelessness, and a horror filmed and set in Maine.

Wide Release.

Deadpool 2.

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) has to assemble a crew of super-powered heroes when he is tasked with protecting a young boy from the powerful time traveler Cable (Josh Brolin).

Book Club.

Four older women finding themselves at crossroads in their lives get inspiration from an unlikely source when their reading circle is assigned “50 Shades of Grey.”

Show Dogs.

A highly trained FBI agent…and his human handler…are on the trail of an animal smuggling ring and follow the perps to a Las Vegas dog show.  The K-9 cop goes undercover as a contestant to get closer to the potential target, and recruits a team of canines to stop the crime.

Video on Demand.

Coming to My Senses.

This documentary follows a young man who broke his neck in a motorcross accident.  He ignores his bleak prognosis and works to regain some mobility, eventually starting his own gym to help others with disabilities.

Steven Tyler: Out on a Limb.

A documentary about the latter-day career of rock-n-roll star Steven Tyler.

Gray Matter.

It turns out the mysterious aliens known as Grays have been watching Earth in order to protect humanity.  When another extraterrestrial species crash lands on Earth, set on invading, the Grays reach out to a human to help them stop the new threat to life as we know it.

Island Zero.

The small community on an Island off the coast of Maine is alarmed by the disappearance of ferry service and cell phone signals, only to discover that their situation is much worse when dead bodies begin washing up on their shores.

Landing Up.

A young woman attempts to hide her homelessness from her friends and coworkers.

That Summer.

A documentary collecting archival photos and videos of Grey Gardens, a decaying Camelot off of Long Island in the 1970’s that was a hot spot for contemporary celebrities.


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