Coming Soon Trailers: Deadpool, How to Be Single, Zoolander 2

Deadpool Coming soon Trailers

Coming Soon Trailers

Lots and lots of movies this week.  We’ve got the mercenary we’ve all be waiting for, Deadpool, finally making the jump from ubiquitous trailers to an actual movie, and we’ve got a half dozen VOD entries.  Let’s get cracking.

Wide Release


Wade Wilson’s cancer diagnosis causes him to accept a spot in a secret governmental experiment.  The results are awesome powers but horrible disfigurement and mental instability.  Trying to keep him in line, the project grabs his girlfriend, but soon discover that their perfect weapon is a double-edged sword.


When to See It:  Theaters.  While it will be hard to live up to all the hype, this project has a chance to pay off big, and the big screen is where to catch all of the action.  As a great man once said, with great powers comes great comedy…or something like that.  Go see it.

How to Be Single

After a painful break up, Alice needs to learn the skills it takes to be on her own in New York City…most of those skills apparently involving large amounts of alcohol and non-stop one night stands.


When to See It:  Netflix it.  Rebel Wilson has some great lines in this, but I don’t think her one-woman hurricane can save this film from turning into a hollow comedy that celebrates hedonism right up until the sappy moment it doesn’t.

Zoolander 2

Male model Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) must team up with his one time rival Hansel (Owen Wilson) in order to thwart an assassin who targets celebrities taking selfies.


When to See It:  Rent it.  Zoolander was a surprise treat, and I’m glad to visit that world again…but I just hate comedies on the big screen.  Catch it at home.



An anthology of five horror films set on a deserted stretch of highway, where each story bleeds into the next.


See It:  Yes.  Gives me the vibe of The Twilight Zone and Tales From the Crypt.  I’m down with both of those.

Mythica 2:  The Darkspore

Sword and Sorcery combine when two magicians compete to control a magical artifact, one for self-knowledge, the other to take over the world.


See It:  No.  Despite having Kevin Sorbo in it, this looks more like a group of friends cos-playing Lord of the Rings than an actual movie.

Nina Forever

When a young man finally finds love after a tragic relationship, he finds one major obstacle in his way:  his dead ex-girlfriend, back from the grave and angry that he has moved on.


See It:  Yes.  I caught some early teasers for this film, and it seems intriguing.  The production values are solid, and the premise is great.  There are a lot of horror comedies out, but horror comedy love stories are less easy to come by.


In Dublin, a son decides that the only way to save his alcoholic mother from herself is an expensive detox program.  Unfortunately, as a poor cab driver, he can’t afford the treatments, until a shady criminal offers him money for transporting illegal cargo.


See It:  Yes.  There’s not much here in the trailer, but the plot sounds good and it appears that this film is playing the drama straight, instead of turning into a heavier version of The Transporter.

Cabin Fever

After graduation, a group of friends head to a secluded cabin in order to celebrate.  Waiting for them, however, is a flesh rending disease and a weekend of horror.


See It:  No.  If you like hemorrhagic fever porn, by all means, pony up for this flick.  Eli Roth loves nothing more than to bathe the camera in blood, and that’s just not my gig.


A pop-culture writer heads to Maine to interview the widow of a famous musician.  Though she wants nothing more than to be left alone with her memories of the entertainer, the reporter coaxes the story out of her and the pair begin to co-write a biography.  Along the way, they develop feelings for each other deeper than reporter and subject.


See It:  Maybe.  This could go either way.  As a reflection on grief and how culture appropriates the memory of a celebrity, this could be fascinating.  As another “love springs from tragedy” yarn, I’m less interested.  Also, I hope they don’t play the locals off as corny hicks.





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