Coming Soon Trailers: Doctor Sleep…and more.

Coming Soon Trailers: Doctor Sleep

If you thought four wide releases last week was crazy, check out this week’s five new films.

Hollywood seems intent on reviving the box office with a flood of new films. Despite last week’s batch of wide releases falling short of expectations, we get five more films to contend with this weekend. The latest Stephen King adaptation, Doctor Sleep, hits markets, alongside a big WW2 flick, a John Cena comedy, and the US release of a Chinese teen drama.

The home market is just as busy with seven new streaming features. Pour yourself a warm drink, as most of the VOD flicks on offer have ice and snow as a common theme. You may want to put a nip of something in that warm drink…we’ve got another Nicolas Cage action flick out as well.

Oh. Good.

Wide Release.

Better Days.

Nian desperately tries to prepare for the two-day long national college entrance exam – a high stakes test that has already caused a friend to commit suicide. Ostracized at school, she makes friend with a petty criminal named Bei, but their friendship is tested when they find themselves the only suspects in the murder of a classmate.

Doctor Sleep.

Danny Torrance is grown up, trying to forget about The Shining and the horrible events at the Overlook Hotel. He is forced to use his powers again when a young girl with a similar gift reaches out to him in her desperation to escape a group of psychic killers.


A dramatic retelling of the Battle of Midway, the turning point for America in the war in the Pacific.

Playing with Fire.

Three firefighters can handle the heat, except when it comes to babysitting children.

Video on Demand.

Eminence Hill.

Desperadoes kidnap a teen girl after killing her family. As they flee the lawmen after them, they wind up in Eminence Hill, a remote town founded by religious fanatics…with a mean streak.

The Wrong Todd.

A man reluctant to change his life has his hand forced when his girlfriend gets a job promotion across the country…and makes the move with his evil doppelganger from another dimension.

Ice Blue.

Arielle’s idyllic life with her father on a remote farm is thrown into chaos when her estranged mother returns.

Return to Mount Kennedy.

In 1965,Bobby Kennedy and famed climber Jim Whitaker made the ascent to the top of Mt. Kennedy – recently renamed in honor the slain JFK. Bobby would soon share the same fate. A generation later, Whitaker’s two sons and RFK’s son decide to scale the mountain.


As young girl made a tragic mistake, causing her to repress the memory of a friend’s death. As an adult, those memories are resurfacing to haunt her.

Cold Brook.

Two middle-aged friends in a sleepy town go on an unexpected adventure when they come across a young man looking for his past.


A big game hunter (Cage) captures a valuable white leopard and prepares to transport it to his clients. Unfortunately, the ship also is transporting a dangerous assassin, who breaks free of his guards and unleashes the leopard as well.

Love is Blind.

A young woman with perceptual blindness (her mind erases things selectively from her vision) gets help from an unconventional therapist.

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