Coming Soon Trailers: Dolittle, Bad Boys For Life.

Coming Soon Trailers: Dolittle, Bad Boys For Life.

It’s reboots and sequels this weekend for theater goers.

This should be an interesting, early test for 2020: can Robert Downey Jr. do for Doctor Dolittle what he did for Sherlock Holmes? Does anybody still care about the buddy cop franchise Bad Boys? Is Will Smith setting himself up for another big-budget action flop?

Coming Soon Trailers: Dolittle, Bad Boys For Life.
I mean, this JUST happened.

Niche market patrons will also find two limited releases hitting select theaters this week. For fans of old media, VHYes is a comedy filmed entirely on tape. Yup, VHS and Beta rise from their graves in 2020.

The home market features ten new films hitting the streaming services.

Wide Release.

Bad Boys For Life.

The bad boys (Will Smith, Martin Lawrence for some reason) are back to lead a new, elite task force and to take down a dangerous Miami drug cartel.


An eccentric and reclusive doctor who can talk to animals (Downey Jr.) must journey to a mythical island to find a cure for the ailing Queen Victoria.

Limited Release.

The Wave*

An ethically challenged lawyer assumes he’s in for a grand weekend, but a dose of a potent hallucinogen turns his life upside-down.

*This film also hits the rental market this week on the 17th.


A young boy accidentally tapes over his parents wedding footage. The result leads to a weird viewing of mish-mashes of vintage commercials, late night programming, and home video.

Video on Demand.

Angels Fallen.

A demon hunter mourning the loss of his wife is recruited to hunt demons (duh) in remote parts of Europe with a rag-tag bunch of hunters.

Give Me Liberty.

A medical transport driver and his usual client take a weird trip when friends and family ask for a ride and a detour gets everyone lost.

Nothing Man.

A homeless man suffering from amnesia must confront his past when his only friend is murdered.

Immortal Hero.

A dramatization of the near-death experience of a famous Japanese spirituality guru.

Film School Africa.

A documentary about an up-and-coming film maker who left LA to teach film making to impoverished students in South Africa.

Disturbing the Peace.

A small town lawman (Guy Pearce) who swore off firearms after a tragedy must take up the gun again when a biker gang invades his community.

The Wave.

See Limited Release above.

A Fall From Grace (Netflix.)

A women recovering from her ex-husband’s affair finds new love, but when secrets emerge, she decides to get even.


A quartet of high school students have a dangerous secret club: planning and executing murders. Predictably, things eventually go bad.

Troop Zero (Amazon Prime.)

A girl who dreams of the stars puts together her own mis-matched scout troop in order to win a contest hosted by NASA.

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