Coming Soon Trailers: Dora, The Kitchen, Scary Stories.

Coming Soon Trailers: Dora, The Kitchen, Scary Stories.

Coming Soon Trailers: Dora, The Kitchen, Scary Stories.

August revs the engine with five wide release films making a debut this week.

Coming Soon Trailers: Dora, The Kitchen, Scary Stories.
This is a thing. A thing we’ll talk about.

After last week’s solo premier of Hobbs and Shaw, we drop into fifth gear:  five films are vying to take on the box office this week.  There’s something for everyone:  Dora the Explorer should entertain families with youngsters, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark should warm up horror fans waiting for It Chapter 2, and those looking for some noir crime thrills have The Kitchen to look forward to.  We even have Kevin Costner playing a dog in yet another canine reincarnation movie.  That’s a genre now!

The home market matches the big screen’s pace this week.  We have five home releases, ranging from a quirky science fiction comedy, to a horror about a trio of witches, and finally to Monica Bellucci playing a demoness in a schlock-tastic B-Movie called Nekrotronic.  Good times.

Wide Release.

The Art of Racingin the Rain.

Enzo the golden retriever longs to be human, like his best friend Denny, a race car driver who is going through a rough patch in his life.

Brian Banks.

A sports/drama biopic about Brian Banks, an NFL hopeful who was wrongly convicted and sentenced to jail, and who later fought to overturn his conviction and realize his pro-football dreams.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold.

Dora the Explorer grapples with growing up, which means leaving her life of exploring the jungle and heading to high school.  Fortunately, adventure calls when her parents go missing in the ruins of a fabled lost city of gold.

The Kitchen.

Three women take over the criminal empire of their incarcerated husbands in 1970’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

A group of teens stumble upon a book of scary stories in a spooky house.  When they read the stories, the horrible events in them start to come to life.

Video on Demand.

The Night Sitter.

A thief pretending to be a babysitter gets in over her head when she winds up sitting for an occultist whose collection inadvertently summons three sadistic witches.


Newly incarcerated in a teen correctional facility, Andrej winds up in an abusive relationship with Zeljko, who holds the secret of Andrej’s sexuality over his head.


A group of friends discover a science experiment that claims to predict the exact date of death for anyone who uses it.  Unfortunately, one of the trio discovers he’s due to expire in two hours!  With 120 minutes left, he tries to cross everything off his premature bucket list.

Corporate Animals.

An out-of-touch CEO (Demi Moore) leads her reluctant staff on a team building exercise led by a bungling guide (Ed Helms).  When they become trapped in a series of remote caves on the retreat, it becomes everyone for themselves.


An average Joe stumbles upon a vast secret war between a cabal of demon hunters and a demones (Monica Bellucci) who is looking to feed on the souls of humanity.


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