Coming Soon Trailers: Duh, Captain America!!!

Coming Soon Trailers.

civilThis week we got off to a bit of late start (hint, hint, cause we were watching Captain America and working up our review for tomorrow.)  Good thing there’s only one movie coming out this week (hint, hint, it’s fricking Captain America.)  So much for wide releases, but at least we’ve got a ton of VOD films for you to choose from.  Apparently if you break your leg and can’t make it to a theater for Civil War, you’ve got lots of options.

Wide Releases

Captain America:  Civil War

After the events of Age of Ultron, the UN has placed the Avengers under strict watch, asking them to voluntarily surrender their autonomy for the good of public safety.  Led by Tony Stark, about half of the roster agrees to the deal, but Captain America balks, thank in no small part to how the powers that be are trying to railroad his former friend, Bucky Barnes (aka The Winter Soldier.)  Those loyal to Cap or who prefer to work outside governmental control rebel, and a civil war breaks out amongst the cowl and cape crowd.  Meanwhile, Cap and Falcon must figure out who set up Barnes and prevent a wider conflict involving buried cold war secrets.


See It:  You’re kidding, right?  Literally everyone is going to see this.  Hell, I just saw it and I might stop writing this at any moment and go see it again…

Video On Demand

Crossing Point

A young couple (god I hate typing that intro) go to Mexico for vacation, but the young lady gets kidnapped and the young man gets roped into smuggling drugs to save her.  He then gets roped into working for the DEA and kicking cartel ass.


Scherzo Diabolico

A company man working a grueling office job snaps under pressure when he’s passed over again for promotion.  He nabs his supervisors daughter and plans to get revenge on those who ruined his career…but then his own child goes missing and he finds himself way over his head.



When fixing up there new home, a…young couple (you guessed it) find a diary from a murdered girl, and must piece together her unsolved crime in order to maker her stop haunting the high holy heck out of their dream house.


The Best of It

A documentary about four “professional” gamblers, in actuality four dudes with silly nicknames who are trying to make a go of turning sports betting into their full time gig.


The Family Fang

Two adult siblings (Jason Bateman and Nicole Kidman) return home to the house they were raised in when their famously unhinged parents (Christopher Walken and Maryann Plunkett) go missing.  The old folks were well known for their love of hoaxes and cruel pranks, so neither sibling knows if this is a tragedy or a farce they are walking into.


The Horde

An ex-Navy Seals decides to act as guide for his girlfriend’s class of students on a nature excursion, but they are attacked by a horde of flesh hungry mutant troglodytes.  School’s out, but ass-kicking is in session.



A young woman returning from a bachelorette party on a tropical island starts to exhibit strange behavior after being bitten by a strange insect.  Pretty soon she has shut herself in and is building a nest…for what or who she does not know.



Based upon a true story about a inexplicable rash of teen suicides in a rural Welsh community, this film uses actual stories and residents from the town to create a narrative about teen life in a remote area where teenage angst is compounded by a bleak future.



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