Coming Soon Trailers: Dumbo, The Beach Bum.

Coming Soon Trailers: Dumbo, The Beach Bum.
At least this "live action" film has, you know, live people. Looking at you, Lion King...

Coming Soon Trailers: Dumbo, The Beach Bum.

Disney releases the first of three (!) live action remakes slated for 2019, so grab your magic feather.

Coming Soon Trailers: Dumbo, The Beach Bum.
At least this “live action” film has, you know, live people. Looking at you, Lion King…

It begins.  The flood gate of Disney remakes is officially cranked all the way open as Dumbo arrives, the first of three live action adaptations the Mouse has scheduled this year.  If seeing Tim Burton muck around with another Disney project is not to your liking, maybe Matthew McConaughey being Matthew McConaughey is up your alley.  I know.  Both this week’s offerings made our least anticipated list.

If you want another option, the home market serves up eight new films.  For Netflix subscribers, three new offerings hit the service, including a star studded crime drama and a visually alluring family drama.

Wide Release.

Dumbo (2019).

A shy baby elephant with big ears and the ability to fly helps a struggling circus family, but draws the attention of a shady entertainer.

The Beach Bum.

A booze and drug soaked bohemian surfer named Moondog tries to get clean long enough to finish his novel, while constantly tempted by the Florida beach scene.

Video on Demand.

We Are Boats.

Francesca looks for a long lost love, while changing the lives of the strangers she meets along the way.


A documentary following Canadian musician Randy Bachman.

White Chamber.

A woman wakes up in a blindingly white room.  A military general representing the repressive regime fighting a civil war in the UK uses increasingly cruel means to get at information she may be hiding.


A historical drama about the only successful prisoner revolt in a Nazi death camp during World War 2, in the Sobibor camp in Poland.

The Highwaymen (Netflix).

A historical drama about the two detectives who took down Bonnie and Clyde, starring Woodie Harrelson and Kevin Costner.

The Legend of Cocaine Island (Netflix).

After the great recession destroys his middle class life, a mild mannered man goes on a quixotic quest to find a hidden stash of valuable cocaine in the Caribbean.

The Burial of Kojo (Netflix).

In a dreamlike story, Esi narrates the history of her father and uncle, and their tumultuous relationship as young men in Ghana.

Breaking the Limits.

A biopic about Jerzy Gorkski, a former drug and alcohol addict who defied expectations to get clean and win the Ironman Triathlon in communist Poland.


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