Coming Soon Trailers: Dunkirk, Valerian, Girls Trip.

Coming Soon Trailers: Dunkirk, Valerian, Girls Trip.

Now it feels like summer!  Three wide release films and nine VOD  are here to keep you inside in the air conditioning.

This week we have two big blockbusters and a comedy making their way to the big screen.  On the home market, we are awash in schlocky goodness (?) as the VOD selections border on the ludicrous.  It must be summer.Coming Soon Trailers: Dunkirk, Valerian, Girls Trip.

Wide Release.


This war epic tells the tale of the beaches of Dunkirk, where thousands of Allied troops were stranded and surrounded by enemy soldiers during WW2.

See It?:  Yes.

I was on the fence about this film (especially since Chris Nolan has become a bit of an unbearable prick when it comes to sniffing his own farts) but several favorable reviews have turned the tide.  This film elevates the event into a character and demotes the characters to events, using sparing dialogue and characterization to create a sense of estrangement and devastation.  I like movies that take risks, and this one jumped onto my to-see list.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Two intergalactic peace-keepers must save the known universe from an evil force that attacks Alpha, a mega city that is home to thousands of sentient races.

See It?:  I guess.

Nate is already hyped up for this one, though not without reservations.  Everyone I talk to seems to be on board for this space faring adventure.  Luc Besson has done some great things in the past…though I struggle to think of a recent movie of his that I’ve liked.  Here’s hope style overcomes substance this weekend!

Girls Trip.

Four old friends reunite for an all-girls weekend in order to rebuild their friendship in the face of struggles in their daily lives.

See It?: Yes.

I did not expect to laugh at this trailer, and I was really taken in.  Sure, some of the humor is crass.  Sure, some of the humor is of the “white people can’t possibly understand black people, oh snap!” variety.  Despite, or even because of that, the ensemble cast shines.  I like all the characters and felt that they were funny and smart, even when the humor was dumb and gross.  Could be a surprise gem.

Video on Demand.

Beyond Food.

A documentary about the filmmakers seeking out wellness and foodie gurus, with a splash of new-age woo and dodgy science.

See It?:  Burn it with fire.

Can we just let the food documentaries die for about a decade?  Just long enough for all of the wellness shills and life coaches to starve to death or die from easily preventable infections they get from shoving jade eggs up their vaginas.  Maybe then we can get back to actually listening to scientists instead of idiots selling supplements.  Please and thank you.

No Way to Live.

An interracial couple decides to go on a crime spree in order to escape the small-minded and bigoted residents of their home town.

See It?:  No.

Critically loved, with a great sense of time and place, I should love this film.  I just can’t get over the female lead and how shallow her character is being made.  She just comes across as such a blatant Delilah, using the male lead to settle scores and get money.  Really lets the air of out of the tires on this romp.


A man interrupts what looks like a shady drug deal, only to find that the package was an occult tome.  When he opens it, the mobsters looking to recover the book become the least of his problems.

See It?: Rent it.

The visuals and aesthetic put this one over the edge.  It looks very much like a weirdo horror movie like Phantasm, Hellraiser, or John Dies at the End.  I can dig that.


After catching a supernatural psychopath named Bonejangles, the police escort is ambushed and trapped in a town filled with the un-dead.  With little choice, they let the murderer out to do what he does best.

See It?:  Wait for it to be free.

Schlocky in an old school way, this film doesn’t quite rise above the dated material.  The visuals are very Z movie grade, though Bonejangles has a nice aesthetic.  Bad acting and editing is the norm in this genre, so I can’t knock it too hard.  I just don’t see enough to warrant actually spending money unless you are a die-hard fan of the genre.

Kuso (Shudder)

A mind-bending story about people living in the aftermath of a world-ending series of earthquakes.

See It?:  Yes?

Weird and wild and wonderful.  You see a ton of movies who think they are worthy of cult status right out of the gate.  Most of them are full of shit.  This movie looks like it has the stuff.  A visual style and mixed media presentation that is pretty novel, and just the right sprinkle of call-backs to other gonzo movies.  Thumbs up.


A German composer heads to a Spanish island where avant-garde music is exploding.  He runs into a reclusive widow who also has a past in music.  They form a bond, despite secrets hiding just under the surface.

See It?:  Rent it.

I like the acting in this film a lot.  The switch from German to English to Spanish can be daunting, but they all seem game.  The twist, where the young man learns that the woman is also German, and hiding a dark past turns the narrative on its head in a smart way.  I think this will be an understated gem.

Killing Ground.

A couple in a troubled relationship go on vacation and find themselves on the run from a couple of degenerates who like to hunt humans.

See It?: Skip it.

Been there, done that, with a better cast and better writing.  I think this is the third movie of this type I’ve already panned this year.  Get a new script.

The Gracefield Incident.

A man with a camera in his false eye is trying to record a weekend party with his friends, but they end up witness a meteorite crash that brings terror and death in its wake.

See It?:  Skip it.

The first person perspective film is still feeling its way around.  Too often it feels like just another excuse to use found footage without having to lug a camcorder around.  I don’t see the first person elevating this beyond a typical horror thriller that is cribbing notes from haunted house movies and Signs a little too generously.

Del Playa.

A timid young mad with a history of abuse approaches his crush in order to go to the big end-of-school party.  The ladie’s asshole boyfriend beats the snot out of him, causing his careful control to snap and unleashing a sadistic killer who is looking for revenge.

See It?:  Wait for it to be free.

There are some nice visual elements of this film, and I think the lead has some nice scenes.  The set-up is pretty bog standard, so it depends on how the handle the abuse angle and how stylish his kills become.  The trailer doesn’t give me enough to warrant a rental, so this one goes on the wait and see list.


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