Coming Soon Trailers: Equalizer 2, Mamma Mia Here We Go Again.

Coming Soon Trailers: Equalizer 2, Mamma Mia Here We Go Again.

Coming Soon Trailers: Equalizer 2, Mamma Mia Here We Go Again.

It’s sequel city as three unlikely franchises put out second efforts.

Coming Soon Trailers: Equalizer 2, Mamma Mia Here We Go Again.
Training Day 2? American Gangster 2? Malcom X3: Malcolm X-Men United? No?

Two movies from 2014 and one from 2008 are back with sequels at the box office this weekend.  The least unlikely of the trio is Unfriended: Dark Web.  While the original was a largely forgettable “lets make something trendy spooky” horror flick, it did make 600% of its budget back.  No brainer on a sequel there.

The Equalizer 2 is less explicable because while the first was mildly successful, Denzel Washington has never made a sequel.  Of all the memorable roles I’d vote to revisit, I can’t say The Equalizer is high on the list.

Finally, Mama Mia 2 is a triple-threat of odd choices: it’s not based on an established musical like the first was, it’s a prequel/sequel that hops back and forth in time between the main characters of the first film, and it’s reviving a decade old property.  That’s one unlikely spicy meatball!

Wide Release.

Mama Mia: Here We Go Again!

Now that Sophie is married and expecting her first child, her mother Donna reminisces about her pregnancy.  While catching up with the erstwhile family as they prepare for a new generation, we flashback to the complicated four-way romance between a young Donna and three suitors.

The Equalizer 2.

Robert McCall has embraced his dark past and violent tendencies.  He tries to compartmentalize his vigilante justice from his normal life, but when someone targets the people close to him the line is crossed.

Unfriended:  Dark Web.

A group of teens discover a lost laptop full of bizarre videos and horrific snuff films.  As they video chat about how to handle it, the owners of the device hack their transmission and force them to play a deadly game of survival.

Video on Demand.


A mixed-media pastiche that tells the coming of age story of a rural teen as she struggles with love, loss, drugs and her budding sexuality.


A group of friends road-tripping in their parent’s luxury RV have adventures when the vehicle is confiscated and they have to pass off their friend Lisa as a missing local celebrity.


A troubled man kidnaps an actress who he is obsessed with, but Rosy is no simple damsel in distress.

Pin Cushion.

A mother and daughter pair of dreamers and introverts move to a new town for a clean start.  When they make new friends, it strains their relationship.  When those friendships turn toxic, their penchant for fantasy and bending the truth threaten to make the situation dangerous.

Father of the Year. (Netflix)

When two dads overhear their sons debating who would win in a fight.  Looking to salvage their sons’ respect after a lifetime of questionable parenting, the two dads actually begin preparing for a fight.


When a hostile fleet of aliens suddenly appear and seize control of a small town, the residents are left to defend themselves and mankind.

Broken Star.

Markey Marlowe is a troubled actress whose destructive quest for fame lands her in house arrest.  Her landlord stalks her, unaware that she is manipulating him for one last stab at notoriety.

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