Coming Soon Trailers: Escape Room.

Coming Soon Trailers: Escape Room.

Coming Soon Trailers: Escape Room.

The first week of the new year has just one new theatrical release while the VOD market revives with four entries.

A new year, but not a new Hollywood.  Just like 2018, the first week of the year is home to just one new wide release, and its a horror film again.  This year starts with a trap genre film in which four contestants must survive a SAW-like series of puzzles.  The streaming market which had been quiet in December looks to be half-asleep in January:  only 11 movies are slated so far.  The good news is that the month is heavily front loaded, with four of the January releases dropping this week.

Coming Soon Trailers: Escape Room.
Oh, a murder dungeon. Must be January.

Wide Release.

Escape Room.

Six strangers enters an “Escape Room” game, hoping to solve a series of puzzles and pocket the 1 million dollar prize.  As the game progresses, it becomes apparent that the puzzles are deadly serious, and the sadistic mind behind the gory traps has engineered the games specifically to target these six individuals.  They must stay alive long enough to figure out their connection if they want to beat the killer at his own game.

Video on Demand.

State Like Sleep.

A grieving widow receives a mysterious phone call that casts doubt on the events surrounding her husband’s death.  Still reeling emotionally, she sets out to investigate a secretive men’s club that may hold the answers to her loss.

The Demonologist.

A detective with uncanny abilities is drawn into investigating a cult that worships demons.  As he struggles to stop the fanatics from unleashing hell on Earth, he must accept the occult powers that have cursed him since birth.


Drew is a shape-shifter who must take a new form every few days to survive.  Each time he takes a new form, he exactly copies the target’s mental and emotional profile as well as their body.  And then the host dies a horrible death.  Adding to Drew’s dilema is the fact that he’s fallen for Julia, but can hardly forge a bond with her as he has a new identity each time they meet.

American Hangman.

A tough-as-nails judge (Donald Sutherland) finds himself the defendant in a life or death case.  A young man who was wronged by a botched criminal case the judge handled kidnaps the old man and puts on a mock trial via social media.  In real time, a fickle audience gets to decide if the man will live or die.

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