Coming Soon Trailers: Central Intelligence, Finding Dory, The Last Heist

Disney Pixar "Finding Dory" title

Coming Soon Trailers:  Finding Dory, Central Intelligence.

The big summer season starts now with Pixar’s much anticipated Finding Dory.

Disney/ Pixar "Finding Dory"
Welcome to the billion dollar club, Dory.

This week has only a few entries making their debut, but one of them is a dozy.  Disney and Pixar release Finding Dory, the follow up to 2003’s hit, Finding Nemo.  Nemo made a strong splash with 70 million back then, and expectations are that Dory is going to be the first 100 million dollar opening (domestically) since Captain America:  Civil War, way back in May.  If this turns out the be the case, Disney will have 3 of the 5 films to have made that milestone this year, further cementing their dominance in 2016.  A buddy comedy staring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart also opens to wide release, hoping to surf the wave Dory is bound to generate.

In Video on Demand, we get another dose of Henry Rollins this year (you can see my review of his other film, He Never Died, right here.)  This time he plays a serial killer who is trapped in a hostage situation gone sour…for the hostage takers.  It is definitely a budget piece, but Rollins looks fracking amazing as a mild-mannered homicidal maniac.

"The Last Heist" starring Henry Rollins
That’s a smile you can trust.

Wide Releases

Finding Dory

One year after helping to re-unite a pair of clownfish, Dory the blue tang fish with short-term memory problems, remembers a clue that might help her find her own missing family.  She sets out on an adventure to relive her past and locate her long-missing parents.


See It:  Yes.  Pixar does good work, and while early reviews have this film as slightly less engaging then the first entry, it still has a strong cast and great visuals.

Central Intelligence

A perennially embarrased obese kid comes back to his 20 year high school reunion jacked up and full of super-spy swagger (because he’s actually a super spy.)  He enlists the help of the only kid who was ever nice to him, who has gone from coolest kid in school to boring accountant, in order to foil a terrorist group who hacked the pentagon.  Hilarity ensues.


See It:  Yes.  I know I don’t often recommend comedies in theaters, but this has a ton of action, plus an absolutely manic Dwayne Johnson teamed up with a snarky and reluctant Kevin Hart.  I see franchise material here.

Video on Demand

The Last Heist

A team of ruthless bank robbers end up in a desperate hostage situation when they fail to pull off a heist quickly and quietly.  They lock the place down and attempt to escape, but they have one major problem (well, besides the army of cops on the outside): one of the hostages is a serial killer.  Who happens to be Henry Rollins.  So they’re doubly screwed.


See It:  Oh gosh yes.  This looks like a touch melodramatic, but Rollins seems to be having a field day as the mild mannered serial murderer.  If he’s having fun, I’m having fun, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to have fun as well.

No Stranger than Love

Lucy is unlucky in love.  She’s fallen for a married man, but when she finally gets the courage to confess her affections, he is instantly swallowed up by a mysterious hole that appears in her apartment.  She has to figure out a way to get him out without alerting her friends, family, or his wife that she has accidently misplaced a whole human being in a nebulous portal to oblivion.  It doesn’t help that the man had outstanding debts, and a belligerent bookie thinks he is hiding out in Lucy’s pad.


See It:  What the hell, I’m giving all four movies this week a Yes.  This looks odd and funny in equal measures, with a strong cast and memorable premise.  Guess I’m going to be busy this week trying to see all these movies.


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