Coming Soon Trailers: First Purge, Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Coming Soon Trailers: First Purge, Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Can Marvel dominate the Fourth of July or will The First Purge shrink Ant-Man and the Wasp’s audience?

Marvel has traditionally dominated the Independence Day weekend with their super her offerings.  That should be good news for Ant-Man and the Wasp.  The bad news is that Marvel has ruled the 4th with their OTHER bug-based franchise: Spider-ManAnt-Man scored a solid outing for his debut, but not quite in Spidey’s friendly box office neighborhood.  Add to this extra competition from Universal’s popular anarchy franchise The Purge, and Ant-Man is going to have go big this time around.

Coming Soon Trailers: First Purge, Ant-Man and the Wasp.
Big, get it?

On the home streaming market, Jackie Chan is back in a sci-fi cop thriller, two unlucky hunters find Bigfoot is less charming than Harry and the Hendersons led us to believe, and a poor Chinese family who love the art of film get caught up in the shady world of bootlegging movies.  It’s a busy weekend, so fill up on fireworks and then settle in for some cinema!

Coming Soon Trailers: First Purge, Ant-Man and the Wasp.
Sure, Jackie, I’ll bite.

Wide Release

The First Purge.

In this origin story for the franchise, we watch as a desperate and ruthless government creates the first purge: a night where all crime is legal.  The social experiment quickly overruns the boundaries of the impoverished test city and threatens to spread anarchy across the country.

Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Scott Lang, Ant-Man, is dealing with the fallout of his choice to aid Captain America during the super hero civil war.  Now back in hoc and on house-arrest, he’s approached by Hank Pym and Jennifer Van Dyne, The Wasp, to confront a new crisis.

Limited Release.

Sorry to Bother You.

Cassius “Cash” Green struggles to find success as a telemarketer until he discovers he can fake a “white voice” that makes his pitch irresistible.  As he climbs the morally dubious corporate ladder, he risks losing his soul and his connection to the black community.

Video On Demand.

King of Peking (Netflix)

Big Wong and Little Wong are a father and son team who screen movies to rural villages in China.  Alimony payments have Big Wong worried he’ll be separated from his child until he discovers a DVD copying device.  Dabbling in the risky business of bootlegging movies for the money to stay together, Big Wong risks teaching Little Wong the wrong lessons.

On the Ropes.

The two sons of a crime lord become desperate enemies when their father dies suddenly.  The power vacuum leads to a brutal fight for control that could destroy the whole empire their father built.

Mad Genius.

A man looking to hack the human mind unlocks several alter-egos, one of which is a ruthless criminal.  When he steals some tech to sort out his dilemma, he runs afoul of a mad genius who is working on the same idea of changing humanity at the mental level.

Minutes to Midnight.

Seven friends hike out to an abandoned ski resort to celebrate New Years, but come across a ghoulish group of masked killers.


Two aid workers who comfort dying farmers are thrust into the middle of a dark conspiracy.  The drones that work the desolated land after the near collapse of society may be behind a string of horrible deaths afflicting the poor farm workers.

Big Legend.

A man looking for his missing fiancee gets caught up a dangerous hunt when he partners with an obsessed hunter who is after Bigfoot.

Ouija Seance:  The Final Game.

A Ouija board, several teens, an unleashed evil spirit.  You get the idea.

Inferno: Skyscraper Escape.

A couple finalizing their divorce must work together to save their children when a gas line explosion traps them in a skyscraper.

Bleeding Steel.

A veteran Hong Kong inspector (Jackie Chan) tracks a cybernetically enhanced criminal when he discovers that the perp is connected to a wave of afflictions called “Bleeding Steel.”  The disease targets technologically enhanced patients, of which the inspector’s daughter is one.  Now the race is on to stop a deranged killer while solving the mysterious disease, and catching the people behind both.



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