Coming Soon Trailers: Frozen II.

Coming Soon Trailers: Frozen II.

Three wide releases hit theaters, with Disney expecting another avalanche of earnings from Frozen II.

This weekend should be instructive. The box office has struggled all month, unable to find a hit. Frozen II seems like it should be that surefire winner. The first entry earned one and quarter billion dollars worldwide and was a cultural phenomenon. If the sequel takes even 60% of its big sister’s box office haul, it would easily become this November’s biggest launch.

Coming Soon Trailers: Frozen II.

Frozen II doesn’t land in a vacuum. We’ve got Tom Hanks in a Mr. Rogers biopic, and Black Panther lead Chadwick Boseman helming a police thriller, 21 Bridges. On the home market, half a dozen new titles hit streaming services.

Wide Release.

21 Bridges.

A detective (Chadwick Boseman) looking for two cop killers discovers a dangerous conspiracy. With the island of New York sealed off, he hunts his quarry over one deadly night.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

A journalist working a profile piece on Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks) forms a life-long friendship with America’s favorite children’s show host.

Frozen II.

The Snow Queen Elsa and her sister Anna are called to adventure far from their home, in a land where even Elsa’s awesome powers may not be enough to save them.

Video on Demand.

We Believe in Dinosaurs.

A documentary about the people who designed and created the 120 million dollar Noah’s Ark replica in Kentucky.

Code & Response.

A documentary about the rise of coders, the tech workers at the heart of modern approaches to fighting natural disasters caused by climate change.


A bright young woman trying to manage her family’s expectations and her own aspirations, meets a hard-working high school drop-out from a troubled family. As they fall in love, their families and histories threaten to pull them apart.

Queen of Hearts.

Anne, a successful lawyer with a perfect life, begins to spiral into obsession when her estranged stepson moves back into her home.

A Reindeer’s Journey.

A nature documentary following a pair of reindeer making their annual trek through the beautiful and dangerous wilderness of northern Finland.


A team of space explorers awake from suspended animation only to discover that Earth suffered a cataclysmic event during their absence.

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