Coming Soon Trailers: Get Out, Collide, Rock Dog.

Coming Soon Trailers: Get Out, Collide, Rock Dog.

Jordan Peele’s horror Get Out joins three new releases and 10 new VOD offerings in a busy week.

Coming Soon Trailers: Get Out, Collide, Rock Dog.
Umm…are those cars falling from the sky? What the fresh hell?

As if getting caught up with all of the Oscar nominated films before the Sunday’s show wasn’t enough, now there’s three new movies due out.  One of them, Get Out, is even on our Most Anticipated list.  I think I’d better just tell the local movie theater to keep my seat warm.

The home market is just as crowded.  There is a Netflix original, and Vimeo and Amazon Prime have the collected Oscar Nominated Short Films coming out as well.  On other streaming services, we have a comedy, a pair of horror films, and more documentaries than you can shake a stick at.

Wide Release.

Get Out.

A young black man in an interracial relationship visits his girlfriends parents.  They live in a “perfect” suburban enclave, with just the “right amount” of minorities.  It turns out those token few may not be there by choice, and now the young man is in the same situation.

See It?:  Yes.

Looks good, looks scary, and Jordan Peele is scary smart when it comes to social commentary.  Previously he’s used his talents for comedy, so I’m excited to see how he handles a horror film.


A former car thief (Nick Hoult) gets lured back into the life of crime when his girlfriend is kidnapped by a powerful crime boss (Anthony Hopkins.)  Ben Kingsley acts weird for some reason.

See It?:  No.

This film is destined to be on our Little Box of Horrors feature.  Hell, Nick Hoult has landed there once before.  This is a mind boggling project;  who said “lets do a Gone in 60 Seconds/The Transporter mash-up and feature the guy who is famous for being Professor X’s nerdy caretaker?  The only hope is that this is so bad it’s good.

Rock Dog.

A sheep dog dreams of becoming a musician, but following his dreams means leaving his post.  While he struggles to join a band in the big city, the wolves are gathering to invade his village and take all of the sheep.

See It?:  Hell no.

This looks awful in every possible way.  The animation is janky, the story is generic and silly, and the voice acting is poor.  Sorry, Eddy Izzard, your drug addled rock-star cat character is a complete mess.  Avoid this one.

Video on Demand.

2017 Oscar Nominated Short Films.

Live Action:



See It?:  Yes.

Punching Henry.

A musical comedian is the laughing stock of his own life.  A viral video of him failing on stage could make him a sensation…but he’d have to own being famous for being a loser.

See It?:  Yes.

Good cast, fun premise, a timely look at the cost of fame for fame’s sake and artistic integrity.  All systems go.


A young woman’s brush with a voodoo priestess follows her all the way to L.A. where her new life is suddenly dragged into the seventh level of hell.

See It?:  Nope.

What the hell is even going on in this trailer?  This movie is a mess, and only for those who love mindless horror and carnage.

Kultur Shock!

Three people awaken from an accident with no memory of how they got where they are.  Where they are is in a locked room filled with propaganda and an authoritarian Uncle Sam puppet who forces them to take lessons in patriotism.

See It?:  Yes?

It certainly is an odd film, with some poor dialogue and questionable acting.  The premise is so gonzo that I’m inclined to see it just to get a handle on WTF is going on.


A documentary that explores impromptu dance competitions dubbed the Kiki Scene that provide a safe space for LGBTQ folks to express themselves through song and dance.

See It?:  Yes.

Looks well made and well shot, and has a cool premise that explores a niche community that is doing some inspiring things.

Country:  Portraits of an American Sound.

An exploration of the history of Country music through interviews, video footage, and vintage photography.

See It?:  Netflix it.

A nice archive piece, I can’t see it having wider appeal than for devotees of Country Western music.


A documentary following Loire Valley wine makers for a year of wine making.

See It?:  Nope.

Food documentaries, especially those dealing with extravagant subjects, need to go away.  Celebrating elite culture sucks.  I don’t care about the tribulations of people making hundred dollar wines, thank you very much.

I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore.

After a young woman has her home burglarized, she goes on a strange journey of vengeance.  Her goal is to stop people from being assholes, and she teams up with her extremely odd neighbor (Elijah Wood) to make all of the pricks in the world pay.  It goes about as well as you would expect.

See It?:  Yes.

This is one weird gem, and I love the performances.  Give it a go!



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