Coming Soon Trailers: Ghostbusters, The Infiltrator

Coming Soon Trailers Ghostbusters

Coming Soon Trailers.

The Ghostbusters reboot is upon us, and the internet is already weeping bloody tears about the review embargo.

Coming Soon Trailers Ghostbusters
Well, sparks are certainly going to fly this weekend, one way or another.

If Sony is a believer in the “any publicity is good publicity” theory, they must be pleased as punch this week!  Following a review embargo, the internet erupted into another round of recriminations, with detractors of the film assuring us the embargo confirms the film is DOA, and supporters claiming the embargo will allow the film to stand on its own without trolls butchering it on critic-aggregation sites, sight unseen.  (That does hold some water, as many reviewers have already damned the project and sworn upon a blood offering that they won’t even watch the thing.)  Besides that, we get one other wide release, The Infiltrator, and four VOD offerings this week.  Buckle up, this week is going to be bumpy.

Wide Release


An alternate timeline in which the original Ghostbusters never appeared sees three female scientists and a street savvy MTA employee gear up to hunt paranormal manifestations and save Manhattan from a mass haunting.


See It:  Wait for reviews.  This project has a lot of bad omens hanging over it, but also a lot of undeserved fanboy rage aimed at it.  Wait for credible sources, namely me, to give you the score before venturing into this terra icognito.

The Infiltrator

Based on true events, this story shows how a US customs agent went undercover to take down Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel and the dirty banks that laundered his money.


See It:  Rent it.  Looks well made, but lacking in the big moments that would make for spectacular big screen viewing.  Having a pause button may also make following the shifting players in this thriller more manageable as well.

VOD release

All Girls Weekend

Four friends attempt to reconnect by spending a weekend adventuring in the woods, but the elements, unspoken bad feelings, and a supernatural curse turn the outing into three days of terror.


See It Skip it.  Fairly generic plot and characters mixed with melodramatic dialogue and lackluster visuals.  If there’s nothing scary or shocking in your trailer, you’ve failed the first test of a decent horror movie.

Love Between the Covers

A documentary filmed over three years examines the female-led genre of romance writing by following 5 established writers and one woman trying to break into the field with her first novel.


See It:  Rent it.  The director certainly has put in the effort to make a credible and exhaustive documentary, but the subject matter is going to be interesting mostly to a small audience.

Outlaws and Angels

A group of bandits on the run from a posse attempt to hide out in a remote farmstead, but the family is anything but ordinary.  Given the chance to turn the tables on her domineering father and find adventure with the bandit leader, the middle daughter decides to join the desperadoes, causing chaos between her family and the bandits who suspect their number one has gone soft.


See It:  Wait for it to go on sale.  Interesting premise, but the trailer and the description seem to be selling two different products.  It has some nice talent, but also seems to be taking itself a little too seriously with its dialogue.  My kingdom for a decent dialogue writer!

Lucha Mexico

This documentary explores the cultural role of Lucha Libre in Mexico, a form of wrestling that combines the melodrama of soap operas, the zany physical maneuvers of WWE (which it preceded) and the classic elements of good versus evil found in morality plays.  A Mexican phenomena, these men and women, often masked inside and outside of the ring, Lucha Libre plays an important role in the social life of many people on both sides of the border.


See It:  Yes.  While it is a niche subject, it is a fascinating cultural phenomena accessible to all, and this documentary looks extremely well made.


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