Coming Soon Trailers: Glass.

Coming Soon Trailers: Glass.

Coming Soon Trailers: Glass.

M. Night Shyamalan‘s superhero flick, Glass, has the wide release stage all to itself.

Coming Soon Trailers: Glass.
Shouting, the sequel.

This week other studios made sure to give Glass a wide berth.  After Split cruised to a dominant 40 million dollar opening last January, I would say they are wise to get out of the water.  It’s not quite as quiet at the theaters as it would appear:  Dragon Ball Super releases its latest animated feature in limited locations and Oscar winner Barry Jenkins‘ If Beale Street Could Talk begins a national expansion ahead of next Tuesday’s Oscar nominations reveal.

On the streaming market, we’ve got ten films making their way to VOD.  Notable entries include Jamie Lee Curtis in the political thriller Acceptable Loss, and Star Wars’ Hayden Christensen starring alongside Harvey Keitel in the apocalyptic Last Man.

Wide Release.


David Dunn (Bruce Willis), the nearly invulnerable hero of Unbreakable, is hunting Kevin Wendel Crumb (James McAvoy) the escaped killer with multiple personalities.  Behind the scenes, Dunn’s nemesis, Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) manipulates both men to suit his own sinister agenda.

Limited Release.

Dragon Ball Super:  Broly.

Two Saiyans, Goku and Prince Vegeta, now live on Earth as its protectors.  They believe themselves to be the last of their race after the genocidal villain Frieza destroyed their home-world.  Now they discover a long lost Saiyin warrior, Broly, whose power and lust for revenge threaten all of the universe.

National Expansion.

If Beale Street Could Talk.

Two young lovers growing up in 1970’s Harlem are torn apart when the young man is wrongly accused of murder.  The young woman struggles against the racist judicial system in order to free him before their first child is born.  Based on the book by James Baldwin.

Video on Demand.

Blood Bound.

A group bound by a supernatural contract descend upon a small town every 25 years to renew their deal in blood.  Among the sacrificial candidates is one of the younger members of the coven, and she struggles to avoid her bloody fate.

Doom Room.

A woman wakes up in a locked room, plagued by evil.  Without any memories, she attempts to put together her surroundings and past in order to escape.

Dry Blood.

A man coping with withdrawal must contend with a deranged sheriff, hallucinations, and supernatural entities as he works to solve a murder he is accused of.

An Acceptable Loss.

A former NSA advisor discovers that she was misled by a jaded politician (Jamie Lee Curtis) into OK’ing a strike on a terrorist base, resulting in a gruesome tragedy.  Horrified by the ensuing cover-up, she risks her life and freedom in a crusade to expose the conspiracy.

All These Small Moments.

A teenager becomes infatuated with a woman he sees on his daily bus ride, complicating his already contentious journey through adolescence.

Adult Life Skills.

A woman approaching her 30’s lives in her parent’s shed, spending her time making online comedy videos.  As her birthday approaches, she feels the pressure to grow up and start her adult life.

Don’t Come Back from the Moon.

In a dessert community where most of the men have walked out on their families, the women and children struggle with the anger and sadness of abandonment.

The Last Man.

A returning veteran with PTSD (Hayden Christensen) becomes convinced by a street preacher (Harvey Keitel) that the end of the world is imminent.  As he prepares himself to survive the coming storm, he winds up finding the sense of purpose that he’s been lacking since coming home.

Close  (Netflix)

A professional bodyguard (Noomi Rapace) considers her latest job of protecting a young heiress to be little more than a babysitting gig, until a violent kidnapping attempt forces the pair to fight for their lives.

The Standoff at Sparrow Creek.

An ex-cop who belongs to a paramilitary militia begins to suspect that the perpetrator of a recent mass shooting targeting the police may be in the group.  He has the group hole up at a derelict mill that serves as their headquarters and begins systematically searching for the killer.  Time is running out, though, as the police are itching to get retribution.


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