Coming Soon Trailers: Godzilla KotM, Ma, Rocketman.

Coming Soon Trailers: Godzilla KotM, Ma, Rocketman

Coming Soon Trailers: Godzilla KotM, Ma, Rocketman.

We’re certainly not hurting for variety this weekend – a biopic, a monster mash, and a horror thriller all hit theaters.

Hollywood is casting a wide net this weekend.  After a spring season dominated by giant super hero blockbusters and Disney, it may be just what the doctor ordered.  The big release is a hundred stories tall – and showing up in his 32nd movie since 1954Godzilla is back with some oversized friends, and we’re all hoping that the production studio uses this outing to indeed “let them fight!”  We also get a chilling psychological horror starring the talented Octavia Spencer, and Taron Egerton stepping into the sequined shoes of Elton John.  There’s a little bit of everything for everyone as we get summer rolling.

Coming Soon Trailers: Godzilla KotM, Ma, Rocketman
No, seriously, let them fight. That first film was boring as hell.

On the home market we’ve got…just one film from Netflix.  I guess I’ll see you at the theater!

Wide Release.

Godzilla:  King of the Monsters.

Humanity’s ravaging of the planet has awakened three giant monsters, long believed to be just ancient myth.  As Mothra, Rodan, and King Gidhorah lay waste to the world, a society of cryptozoologists seek the aid of the ultimate monster:  Godzilla.


A group of teens approach a lonely older woman (Octavia Spencer), trying to get her to buy them beer for a party.  The woman agrees, and even lets the teens party in her basement whenever they want.  What seems like a dream come true becomes a nightmare as “Ma” begins to stalk them on social media…and then in real life.


A musical biopic about the early career and rise to fame of Sir Elton John.

Video on Demand.

Always be My Maybe (Netflix).

Sasha and Marcus were inseparable as teens, but had a major falling out.  When Sasha becomes a successful chef and returns to her home town to open a new restaurant, she bumps into Marcus after 15 years of radio silence.  The old magic between them is still there, despite themselves, and they begin to rekindle their relationship.


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