Coming Soon Trailers: Greta, A Madea Family Funeral.

Coming Soon Trailers: Greta, A Madea Family Funeral.
Kind of a low-hanging pun, Tyler.

Coming Soon Trailers: Greta, A Madea Family Funeral.

Will Tyler Perry keep the streak alive, or are we in for a Madea style funeral at the box office?

Coming Soon Trailers: Greta, A Madea Family Funeral.
Kind of a low-hanging pun, Tyler.

Two new feature films hit the cinemas this week.  Tyler Perry’s Madea will have the greatest name recognition, but it remains to be seen if A Madea Family Funeral can recapture the franchise heights of Madea goes to Jail, or if it will languish like Madea’s Christmas did.  The other release is Greta, a tight psychological thriller that made its way onto our most anticipated list.

The VOD market is fired up for the end of February.  Despite a slow start, we’re looking at a half dozen new releases lined up to send the month off in style.

Wide Release.


A timid young woman performs a good deed by returning a lost handbag, befriending its owner, Greta, in the process.  Secrets come to light, suggesting that coming across the bag was no accident, and Greta is much more than she seems.

A Madea Family Funeral.

What begins as a happy family reunion quickly takes a macabre turn as Madea is put in charge of planning an unexpected funeral which threatens to reveal long buried family secrets.

National Expansion.


Two survivors of a plane crash fight to stay alive.  When the younger passenger’s injuries become too dire, the older man (Mads Mikkelsen) must make a desperate journey across the frozen Arctic wastes to find help.

Video on Demand.

At the End of the Day.

In order to save his job at a Christian college, a young professor who has spent his life “counseling” gay teens into going straight must befriend – and betray – an LGBTQ organization whose property the college has its eye on.

Beach House.

Emma, a struggling writer, heads to her parent’s beach house looking to recharge.  Her idyllic summer is thrown into turmoil when she meets Paul, a mysterious artist with a connection to her mother.  As she falls for him, she begins to make sinister discoveries about Paul and her family.

Bullitt County.

The Unseen.

A man mysteriously vanishes, leaving behind his family.  Years later he reappears, looking to make amends – and to share a devastating secret.  Before he can reconcile himself, his daughter goes missing, leaving him to track her down.

Third Eye Spies.

A documentary looking at the CIA’s research into psychic abilities and remote viewing.

Write When You Get Work.

Jonny always pined for Ruth, but could not follow her when she moved away from their run-down corner of the Bronx.  Years later, he finds her again, and his infatuation takes on a desperate, darker dimension.



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