Coming Soon Trailers: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Coming Soon Trailers: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Coming Soon Trailers: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Marvel’s Guardians dominate the theater, while the home market gets busy.

Coming Soon Trailers: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

The summer blockbuster season is set to launch this week with Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 hitting theaters.  With Marvel franchise films making such big waves, other studios have decided to sit this week out, leaving us with just the one wide release.

The VOD market is there to pick up the slack, with seven new offerings on display.  With that many releases, you’d think your bases would be covered…but this week’s flicks are all very testosterone soaked.  Not exactly a great marketing decision to go after that audience during the premier of a Marvel movie.

Wide Release.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

The misfit gang of interstellar rogues are back for yet another romp, this time looking to discover the true identity of Star Lord’s (Chris Pratt) father.

See It?:  Yes.

The first film was tremendous fun, with only a few visual hiccups keeping it from a perfect score.  This time around the Guardians feel much more at home on the screen and with each other, and the comedy of their interactions is pretty spectacular.  Oh, and the soundtrack to this rock and roll space opera just keeps getting better.

Video on Demand.

American Exorcism.

A testosterone fueled exorcist squad heads to a small American town in order to show off their tattoos and kick some demon butt.

See It:  Rent it.

If the genre is at all to your liking, this machismo fest at least sports some decent visuals and special effects.  If you’re not a regular consumer of Monster Energy drinks, this is probably a pass for you.

The Shadow Effect.

A man with violent dreams and a doctor involved in unorthodox research discover that the man’s dreams of assassinations and covert operations may point to a clandestine government program to create a super soldier.

See It?:  Skip it.

A less compelling and more macho version of The Bourne Identity.  Between the wooden acting and lackluster action, there’s nothing really here to grab your attention.

Black Rose.

Stumped by a series of grisly homicides, the LAPD turns to a one man wrecking crew police officer from Russia for help.

See It?:  Skip It.

This type of action movie went out of style around the time Van Damme and Seagal’s careers went into the toilet.  While I do applaud Adrian Paul for still finding work, this throw back to 1990’s action flicks doesn’t move the needle.

Even Lambs Have Teeth.

Sloane and Katie head to the countryside to work at an organic farm in hopes of saving money for a trip to NYC.  Instead of soybeans, they find a family of hillbilly psychopaths who kidnap the pair.  When they escape, they decide to take justice into their own hands.

See It?:  Skip it.

Kudo’s to being the one movie on this list not about a dude.  Unfortunately, this film has some pretty shaky dialogue and acting on display here, and tough girls versus psychopaths has been done better in recent memory.

Enter the Warrior’s Gate.

An extreme video gamer (that’s a thing, right?) discovers a magic maguffin that transports him into a fantasy world of mystic warriors based on his favorite game, where everyone thinks he’s a real life hero.  He must find the power inside himself to defeat an evil barbarian king and save a princess.

See It?:  WTF?

This one may be good for a laugh, and the martial arts on display is decent…but man, what the hell is this movie?!  The scenes with the kid monkey smashing his keyboard to prove his gamer cred are ridiculous, and the trailer is full of adolescent power fantasies come to life.  I think this film forgot to take its Ritalin.

(And don’t think I didn’t notice how this plot is ripping off The Never Ending Story pretty hard…)

Take Me.

A man who stages kidnappings as a form of therapy gets a contract for a high profile business consultant who is more than he bargained for.

See It?:  No, seriously, WTF?!

This has got vanity project written all over it.  The star is also the director, and that means he signed off on this ludicrous premise.  There’s little to no chemistry between the leads, the jokes feel safe and stale, and its such a stupid premise that I just can’t buy in.  Go watch Romancing the Stone instead.


A documentary that examines the controversial performance art and mesmerizing creations of Chris Burden.  Includes interviews with the subject.

See It?:  Netflix it.

A intriguing piece about a polarizing artist, I’m still not quite willing to put this one on the must see list.  The production value doesn’t quite match the stakes of the subject material…I guess I want my controversial artist movie to be a little more artistically interesting as a movie.


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