Coming Soon Trailers: Halloween (2018).

Coming Soon Trailers: Halloween (2018).

Coming Soon Trailers: Halloween (2018).

Michael Myers’ cinematic return for the 40th anniversary of the franchise has apparently scared away the competition!

We’ve got only one new film in wide release:  Halloween.  Against this iconic slasher the rest of the field has wilted.  We get one new limited release film out this weekend, and the expansion of The Hate U Give.  Luckily, those not looking to run from a masked murderer can stay at home this weekend with the thirteen new VOD offerings hitting the market.  This baker’s dozen ranges from several horror films, to a pair of documentaries, to a some low key dramas.  So, you know, the usual suspects on the streaming circuit!

Coming Soon Trailers: Halloween (2018).
On second thought, maybe get out of the house this weekend!

Wide Release.

Halloween (2018).

Forty years after she survived Michael Myers’ night of terror, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has prepared herself for the day he would return, even though it has destroyed her family. This year, her preparation is put to the test when the homicidal hulk escapes.

Limited Release.

The Old Man & the Gun.

A convict who escaped from San Quentin at the age of 70 goes on a heist spree that enthralls the nation. Based on a true story.

Video on Demand.

The Queen of Hollywood Blvd.

A strip club owner celebrating her 60th birthday gets a lousy present when the mob comes looking to collect a decades old debt.  Out of options, she must fortify her club and fight back the waves of hired guns coming to collect.

The Lady Killers.

A group of bros have a raunchy reunion trying to bed the most women by any mean necessary.  Their bad behavior comes back to haunt them when members of the group start dying gruesome deaths.

Johnny Gruesome

A metal-head teen is murdered during a joyride gone wrong, and his classmates attempt to pass it off as an accident.  Out for vengeance, Johnny is back from the dead to rock his enemies to death.

Invisible Essence: The Little Prince.

A documentary about the philosophy behind Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s beloved children’s book about a space-faring little prince.


A documentary about Janae Kroczaleski, formerly Matt “Kroc” Kroczaleski, a world record weightlifter who was banned from competing after being outed as transgender.

Brampton’s Own.

Dustin hoped to join the major leagues, but after a decade of minor league play he abandons his dream and heads back to his small town.  Having left a hero, he returns a nobody to a town that has moved on from his former glory days.

Change in the Air.

A small town is shaken up when a mysterious stranger named Wren arrives and saves a depressed man’s life.  Looking for a clue to her identity, her neighbors soon discover a series of miracles and odd phenomena that hint that Wren is more than they could possibly imagine.


A double-crossed hit man and a young captive hope to escape their past and common enemies in the town of Galveston.

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn.

*Watch the trailer, I can’t even begin to make sense of this movie’s synopsis!*

The Night Comes for Us (Netflix)

Ito is a Triad Enforcer who arrives home during a period of violent upheaval between the competing gangs, and from within his own family.

Tales of Frankenstein.

Four shorts based on the Frankenstein themed short stories of Donald F. Glut.

Nigerian Prince.

Eze is a first generation Nigerian-American teen who is sent to live with his cousin in Nigeria after getting in trouble.  The problem is that Eze’s cousin is a Nigerian Prince scammer, and his schemes offer Eze a chance to earn a plane ticket back to the States.


An awkward teen’s only refuge is in an internet forum dedicated to encouraging suicide.  After several failed attempts, he reluctantly makes friends with the new kid in school, who encourages him to reach out for help and acceptance.

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