Coming Soon Trailers: Harriet, Motherless Brooklyn, Terminator Dark Fate.

November kicks off with four wide releases in a weekend box office up for grabs.

All three wide releases last weekend struggled to find an audience, leaving the field wide open this week. There certainly is no lack of variety in our offerings: Terminator is back for another outing, Ed Norton stars in a noir thriller, Cynthia Erivo leads the biopic of Harriet Tubman, and we get an animated animal feature.

On the VOD market, just five films contend for your streaming dollars. The big name out this week is The King, which is not about Elvis but instead about a young King Henry V, played by Timothee Chalamet.

Coming Soon Trailers: Harriet, Motherless Brooklyn, Terminator Dark Fate.

Wide Release.

Arctic Dogs.

An arctic fox working for a delivery service hopes for a promotion. He goes to deliver an important package without permission, only to discover it is destined for an evil inventor out for world domination.


A historical drama about the life of Harriet Tubman (Cynthia Erivo).

Motherless Brooklyn.

In 1950’s New York, a private detective (Ed Norton) must solve the murder of his friend and mentor (Bruce Willis).

Terminator: Dark Fate.

Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) reluctantly teams up with a time traveling cyborg hybrid to protect a young woman who may hold the key to saving the future.

Video On Demand.


A detective hunts former Confederate war criminals who have become outlaws in the wild west.

Door in the Woods.

A family is haunted by evil after disturbing a gateway in the woods.

The King (Netflix).

Hal (Timothee Chalamet) is reluctant to embrace his status as heir to the English throne, but is forced into the intrigues of palace life when he is crowned King Henry the Fifth.

Paradise Hills.

Four women try to escape Paradise Hills, an island facility that poses as a finishing school for the daughters of elite families, but hides a sinister secret.

Adopt a Highway.

Russ leaves prison after two decades locked up for a minor offense. Out of place in a digital world, his life is further turned upside down when he discovers an abandoned infant behind his workplace.

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