Coming Soon Trailers: Hotel Artemis, Ocean’s 8, Hereditary.

Coming Soon Trailers: Hotel Artemis, Ocean's 8, Hereditary.
Come on, Hollywood, keep the streak of awesome heist movies alive!

Coming Soon Trailers: Hotel Artemis, Ocean’s 8, Hereditary.

Who run the world?  This weekend, we’ve got three film’s packed with leading-lady talent arriving at the box office.

Coming Soon Trailers: Hotel Artemis, Ocean's 8, Hereditary.
Come on, Hollywood, keep the streak of awesome heist movies alive!

There’s no shortage of strong female leads this week.  Jodie Foster stars in the action thriller Hotel Artemis alongside Sophia Boutella (The Mummy), Sandra Bullock leads a team of jewel thieves who pretty much all have a Best Actress Oscar in their back pockets, and Hereditary looks to scare the pants off audiences with Toni Collette in the lead.  The only film featuring a leading man this week is the limited release of the Mr. Rogers documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor.

On the home market its a brisk week with ten new offerings.  Of course there is the now weekly event of a budget film starring Nicolas Cage, but there is also a pair of documentaries, a pair of thrillers, the requisite horror movie, and a historical drama about young boy trying to save zoo animals during the bombings of Belgrade during WW2.  Lots to cover, let’s get cracking.

Coming Soon Trailers: Hotel Artemis, Ocean's 8, Hereditary.
Buckle up, he’s back. Again.

Wide Release.

Hotel Artemis.

In a dystopian, crime ridden LA, there is one place that’s safe – Hotel Artemis.  Run by The Nurse (Jodie Foster), it caters to all types of outcasts, with the strict understanding that grudges and vendettas get checked at the door.  One fateful night, that truce is put to the test when a crime boss (Jeff Goldblum) decides he’s willing to break the house rules to get at a patient with dirt on him.

Ocean’s 8.

Fresh out of prison, Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) spent her time in the clink dreaming up the most elaborate heist of her career.  Now she just needs a team of 8 with very specialized skills to pull it off.


A woman (Toni Collette) grapples with the troubling and sinister revelations about her late mother, which come with terrifying consequences for herself and her young daughter.

Limited Release

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

A documentary exploring the personal life and career of Fred Rogers, the good-natured host of the long running children’s show Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Video on Demand.


Jack has a one-of-a-kind relationship with his boyfriend Tom, but his emotional volatility threatens to ruin his situation.  A closeted man grappling with his own marriage and identity takes Jack on a road trip in order to help him come to grips with his inner turmoil.

The Nursery.

A college student working as a babysitter takes on a client with a macabre history, which leads to an evil spirit being unleashed upon herself and her friends.

The Debt Collector.

A martial arts instructor has a dangerous side hustle: shaking down criminals who owe money to a vicious mobster.  As he begins to lose his moral compass in the seedy world of organized crime, he comes across a mark who makes him question his actions as an enforcer and debt collector.


Darwin and Christine are a couple having issues which become deadly.  Accused of Christine’s murder, Darwin begins to lose his grip on reality, and the viewer must try to separate his delusions from the facts of the case.

The Fabulous Allan Carr.

A documentary about Allan Carr, a playboy Hollywood insider who was as notorious for his parties as for his hit productions like Grease and La Cage aux Folles.


A disaffected young woman becomes an unlikely serial-killer, targeting wealthy and powerful victims.  A detective with a unique neurological condition is brought in to catch her.


A young boy tries to care for a baby elephant that has become displaced during the heavy bombing of Belgrade during World War 2.


A husband and wife staying in a idyllic hotel find their daily lives becoming hard to separate from their mental fantasies.


A veteran cop (Nicolas Cage) and his civilian passenger wind up under siege by a gang of well-armed and desperate bank robbers.

The Quest of Alain Ducasse.

A documentary about famed restaurateur Alain Ducasse.


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