Coming Soon Trailers: How to Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World.

Coming Soon Trailers: How to Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World.

Perhaps a little dragon breath will thaw the box office as the third entry in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise swoops into theaters.

Coming Soon Trailers: How to Train Your Dragon - The Hidden World.
OK, you’re taking this metaphor way too literally.

How to Train Your Dragon has proven to be a reliable box office draw.  The first two films notched nearly identical openings around 50 million dollars. With this entry concluding the trilogy, Dream Works has reason to hope the third film may surpass the first two in popularity.  I’m sure the rest of Hollywood is hoping much the same as February has been brutal at the theaters.  A solid debut heading into a Marvel-heavy Spring season would be greatly appreciated.

On the streaming front, we have just two new entries.  I guess most of the streaming world is anticipating people will be catching up on the Oscar nominees this weekend.  For film buffs we get a biopic about one of the unsung fathers of music in cinema who inspired notable composers like John Williams and Randy Newman.  For those looking for something lighter, we get a supernatural teen thriller.

Wide Release.

How to Train Your Dragon:  The Hidden World.

When the population of dragons becomes too much for the tiny island sanctuary of Berk to support, dragon trainer Hiccup and his trusty dragon Toothless set out in search of a fabled Hidden World.  As they seek the legendary haven for dragons, a new threat intent on destroying Berk and enslaving its dragons appears.

National Expansions.

Fighting with My Family.

Paige and Zak are two aspiring teens born into a family of wrestlers.  When the opportunity to try out for the WWE arrives, their tight-knit bond is tested as only Paige makes the cut.

Video on Demand.

The Maestro.

A dramatic recreation of the later life of Mario Castelnouvo-Tedesco, who scored over 200 Hollywood film’s in the 40’s and 50’s.  While he rarely received credit for his work, he went on to mentor and inspire generations of famous film composers.

The Changeover.

Living in a hardscrabble suburb in New Zealand, Laura spends much of her time protecting her younger brother Jacko.  When a supernatural entity targets the boy to steal his life force, Laura discovers that she possesses gifts that allow her to combat the evil being.


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