Coming Soon Trailers: Hunter Killer, Indivisible.

Coming Soon Trailers: Hunter Killer, Indivisible.

Coming Soon Trailers: Hunter Killer, Indivisible.

Two questionable wide releases are set to contend for the final weekend of a busy October against 12 new streaming rentals.

Well, well, what do we have here?  A submarine action flick with terrible CG and Gerrard Butler as the star?  Another faith-based war movie?  That settles it, the last week of October is officially a Hollywood dump weekend.  I can’t believe Universal scaled back their release of Johnny English 3 in the face of such utter garbage.  At least that movie looks fun!

Coming Soon Trailers: Hunter Killer, Indivisible.
Fire the torpedoes…and your agents!

If the dreck at the cinema leaves you cold, you can warm up by the light of the TV with 12 new streaming options.

Wide Release.

Hunter Killer

A nuclear submarine looking to rescue a missing US sub uncovers a military coup unfolding in Russia and must rescue the Russian President to avert global war.


A military chaplain is deployed to Iraq, leaving his young wife and new family behind.  The separation and trials of war strain their relationship, and they must struggle to reconcile when he returns home from the battlefield.

Limited Release.

Johnny English Strikes Again.

Bumbling British spy Johnny English is returned to active duty when a cyber attack exposes the identities of the rest of Mi7.

Video on Demand.

Five Fingers for Marseilles.

A gang of youth called the Five Fingers in Apartheid era South Africa oppose the racist police force, until one member goes too far and kills two officers.  20 years later and hardened by jail, he returns to discover new conflicts roil the town.

Holy Hell.

A preacher loses his flock to criminal violence and decides to get bloody revenge.

Butterfly Kisses.

A team of would-be film makers discover hours of footage about an urban legend named “Peeping Tom” and hope to find fame and fortune by documenting the case.

Dead Squad:  Temple of the Undead.

Young vacationers discover a hidden temple filled with ancient horrors.

Blessed are the Children.

A young woman leaving an abusive relationship discovers she is pregnant.  When she terminates the pregnanacy, she begins hearing and seeing disturbing phenomenon.

Snake Outta Compton.

Just frigging guess what this movie is about!

An Elephant’s Journey.

An orphan goes to live with relatives in Africa, but becomes separated from them during a safari.  He soon is rescued by an elephant, and tries to repay the favor when poachers target his new friend.

Stella’s Last Weekend.

Two brothers, one in high school and one a college freshman return home for the impending passing of the beloved family dog, Stella.  Reunited, they discover they both are vying for the affections of the same girl, the mysterious Violet.

Killer Kate!

Kate is the responsible sister, left at home by her sister Angie to care for their father.  The pair try to reconcile with a remote getaway, but are targeted by a clan of deranged killers looking to fulfill a dire prophecy.

The Dark.

The tortured spirit of a young girl and a man with a dark secret meet in a haunted woods.  Despite their reputations, the two may be each other’s chance at redemption.

Air Strike.

A US colonel and a team of code breakers aid the Chinese army during WW2, trying to modernize their air force and defeat the oncoming Japanese.


A deep space miner suffers an accident and awakens aboard a life pod drifting helplessly towards the sun.

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