Coming Soon Trailers: Hustlers, The Goldfinch.

Coming Soon Trailers: Hustlers, The Goldfinch.

Coming Soon Trailers: Hustlers, The Goldfinch.

We’ve got an eclectic pair of films hitting theaters and the start of the Halloween in September season.

I never can fathom why September has become the de-facto horror month.  October and Halloween are just around the corner.  Yet every year it seems that September 1st sees the video on demand market swell with a flood of horror flicks.  Last week we saw all of the crappy, creepy clown movies come out of the woodwork to capitalize on IT Chapter 2.  This week we’re seeing a raft of “found footage inside an insane asylum” features and haunted houses galore.

Coming Soon Trailers: Hustlers, The Goldfinch.
…so get ready for all the shaky cam and night vision you can stomach!

In theaters, we see a bevy of beautiful ladies pulling a long con on the sleazy Wall Street jerks who make their lives miserable.  We also get a low-key drama about a man who lost his mother in a bombing at an art museum.  So…very different films.  Can’t say there’s not variety this week at the box office.

Wide Release.


A group of fed up strip club employees decide to turn the tables on the wealthy men who frequent the club.

The Goldfinch.

A young man who lost his mother to an act of terrorism goes on a journey of self discovery.

Video on Demand.

Investigation 13.

A group of students set up surveillance equipment at the Black Grove Asylum, hoping to either prove or disprove the existence of The Mole Man, an urban legend said to reside there.


Hellmington Asylum carries a dark and sordid history.  After its closing, new ownership turned it into a tourist attraction/psych experiment where willing victims would get the scare of their life.  That idea was short lived – a prominent paranormal blogger went missing at the facility shortly after it opened.  Now investigators hope to use the records and footage at Hellmington to find out what happened to her.


A serial killer with a devotion to comic books tries to train his son in his murderous methods, but the boy meets a mysterious stranger who could expose the pair.

Perfect Skin.

A tatoo artist with a terminal illness abducts a young woman with flawless skin.  He plans to use her body as the canvas for his magnum opus.

Bathroom Stalls & Parking Lots.

A young man travels to San Fransisco from Brazil to meet up with a man who he has been having a fling with.  Looking to move the relationship into a more permanent arrangement, he gets his friends to engineer a chance encounter to woo his crush.

In the Shadow of the Towers:  Stuyvesant High (HBO).

A documentary about 9-11 and the experiences of eight students who witnessed the event from their school just four blocks away from the twin towers.

3 Days with Dad.

A guilty son reluctantly returns home to be with his dying father and dysfunctional family, only to learn that he is also unexpectedly the father of an estranged son.


On Halloween, a group of friends discover a haunted house promising entertainment in the form of thrilling terror.  They discover that the scares are all too real.

Riot Girls.

After a mysterious illness wipes out all adults, two rival factions of youngsters divide up their town.  The eastsiders eek out a poor existence, while the westsiders hoard the resources of the wealthy part of town.  When a boy from the east is caught and scheduled for execution, his sister and her best friend go on a rescue mission.

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