Coming Soon Trailers: In the Heart of the Sea, Legend, Dixieland

In The Heart Of The Sea Coming soon Trailers

Coming Soon Trailers

This is it!  The last week before Star Wars, so the last chance to head down to the theater and not be neck deep in plastic light-sabers and shoddy cos play. There’s a handful of wide release trailers this week and Netflix is erasing a solid year of achievements like Daredevil and Jessica Jones by premiering Adam Sandler‘s new dud, The Ridiculous 6.  Are we really sure he’s not actually the devil’s son?Adam Sandler Coming soon Trailers

Wide Releases

In the Heart of the Sea

Based on the true events that inspired the bane of all English classes, Moby Dick, this film is the story of an inexperienced group of sailors who set out to catch a whale and end up catching trouble instead when their prey decides to fight back and destroys their ship.  Adrift and desperate, they may be forced to resort to the Hannibal Lecter cook-book.


When to See It:  Theaters.  I think the scope of the scenes involving the whale just beg to catch this on the big screen, and director Ron Howard certainly knows how to make the most of a tense plot and empty space.


Tom Hardy plays both Reggie and Ronnie Kray, a pair of London toughs who dominated the East End crime scene in the 1960’s.  While Reggie is attempting to turn their operation into a lucrative empire with the help of the American mafia, Ronnie is an unpredictable and violent enforcer whose brutality and unsteady mind threatens to destroy the whole operation.


When to See It:  Rent it.  Tom Hardy is best as the bad guy, and here he gets to play two shades of villain, but nothing about this project especially warrants a trip to theater.

Video On Demand


A victim of his environment, Kermit was sent to prison on a petty drug conviction but emerges from the can as a hardened ex-con.  Though he tries to play it straight, a dysfunctional family, poverty stricken environment and lack of options all seem to be pushing him towards a full time career in crime.  When he falls for a beautiful but bored southern belle, he begins to believe that crime is the only way they can ever escape their hopeless surroundings.


The Ridiculous 6

Adam Sandler is a minor outlaw who discovers that his rogue father sired five other bastards before disappearing into the west.  When the old man returns, the estranged family becomes an erstwhile gang, while trying to reconcile their broken relationships with one another.



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