Coming Soon Trailers: Incarnate, Believe.

Coming Soon Trailers: Incarnate, Believe.

Coming Soon Trailers: Incarnate, Believe.

Horror is the theme this week as one new wide release pairs up with a limited release and a metric ton of new VOD offerings.

Our wide release this week, Incarnate, is yet another new horror from the Blumhouse production studio that has been churning out two or three horror franchises a year.  In a small release, we have Believe, another faith based flick.  In VOD we get all of the Thanksgiving leftovers: a music biopic, a family drama, and a ton of horror films that range from silly to weird and everywhere in between.

Wide Release


When a young boy possessed by a demon kills the exorcists mean to save him, it falls to a  rogue scientist with a controversial method: enter the patients mind and confront the entity on its home turf.


See It?:  Skip it.

This is from the same horror mill that makes all of the Insidious and Purge movies, and it doesn’t seem like they have many tricks left in their bag.  I’m mildly intrigued by the premise of going into the mental construct of a demon, but everything looks bad.  The kid looks bad, all the people falling from ceilings look bad, and Aaron Eckhart looks like he’s slumming it pretty hard.

Limited Release


A business man in a struggling factory town is forced to downsize and cancel the yearly Christmas pageant, making him into the town villain.  He meets a young boy whose faith may help him to discover what is important during the holidays.


See It?:  Skip It.

You don’t expect much from faith-inspired movies when it comes to plot, acting, or dialogue…and boy does Believe deliver on those expectations!  You could write this trailer with your eyes closed just by listening to the music and consulting a discarded Bible pamphlet.  I’m only shocked that more C-List celebrities didn’t show up to get a paycheck here.

Video on Demand


A group of bicycle delivery curriers gear up for the annual street race, only to stumble upon a prominent official involved in a heinous crime.  Now they are on the run, trying to save their lives and catch the bad guy, and maybe win their silly race.


See It?:  Skip It.

This is probably a cultural thing specific to the UK, since I think bicycle curriers are about as relevant as carrier pigeons these days.  With that in mind, these kids still all feel like stereotypes.  Quite a feat to make a group I hardly know anything about feel boring and cliched.  Bravo.


A group of friends on a bachelor party stumble upon a house filled with debauchery and horror.  They release a young woman, thinking her a sex slave, but she turns out to be their worst nightmare.


See It?:  Rent It.

I talked about this one for the news roundup, and nothings changed:  it has a cliched set-up but manages to have a cool looking monster and some interesting visuals.  Don’t expect too much and it could be a fun time.


An awkward man who works for a kennel meets an old flame and decides to confess his affection.  When she rejects him, he kidnaps her and locks her into a cage.  With no way out, she has to turn the tables on him mentally to escape.


See It?:  See It.

There is definitely a trend of movies where a stalker has the tables turned on him, and Pet is one of those horrors…but it seems to really stand out in that crowd.  The victim manages to manipulate the situation all while completely trapped, and even out psycho’s the psycho.  Two great performances from the leads make this one to see.


A biopic about the legendary soul/gospel singer Mavis Staple and her family band, The Staple Singers.


See It?:  Netflix It.

Netflix is for documentaries.©  This is a well made and pretty interesting documentary.  Ergo, watch this when it hits Netflix.  QED.

Social Norm

A man with cripple anxiety made worse by his three misfit brothers (and a split personality who hates his guts) tries to grapple with finding love…and finding a ton of money to pay off his family’s debt or else loose his house.  A shady neighbor offers him a less than legal way out.


See It?:  Wait, What?

I don’t know what I just watched, let alone if I want to see more of it!  This is one weird and densely layered production.  A dude with an antagonistic voice in his head, three weirdo brothers, a failing social life, and a plan to steal money to pay for the house he shares with his weirdo brothers.  Can it pull off all of the many conceits it is trying to juggle?  It may be fun to watch even if it doesn’t.  Sure, watch it.

Blood Brothers

Two brothers fantasize about becoming serial killers, and set about making their dream a reality.  Their first victim catches the eye of a detective with supernatural powers.


See It?:  Wait, What, Again?!

OK.  I figured this was a soft week at the box office so people are just throwing marginal films into the meat grinder to die.  Apparently it is also a week in which supremely weird films are flying their freak flags, high and proud.  Two would be sociopaths, a psychic cop, trippy visuals and a narrative that makes you question which scenes are real and which are psychosis.  You know what?  Sure, watch this as well!

Run the Tide

When Rey’s abusive ex-junky mother is scheduled to be released from prison, he has to make a decision: believe that she’s cleaned up, or run away with his kid brother so that she can’t put him through the hell that Rey grew up with.  He opts for the latter, but circumstances make running away difficult.


See It?:  Yes.

Wait, what, triple play?  I’m about to recommend a Taylor Lautner film?  Yup.  This looks like a well constructed family drama with a solid cast and some thought provoking material.  So, I guess I just did that.


A young man with technical skills turns to crime in order to pay his family’s bills.  Angry towards the corporations and banks that have made his life miserable, he hooks up with like minded hactivists to screw with the system, but quickly runs afoul of both the law and larger players within the community of computer terrorists.


See It?:  Rent It.

It may seem a touch naive, but this film does feel like it has style and substance.  It’s not exactly high art, but seems like a tight enough cyber thriller for the current generation, worth at least a view.

The Eyes of My Mother

The daughter of an immigrant family learns surgical skills from her mother, but a past tragedy causes her to become disassociated with life and to turn her fascination with anatomy into a unhealthy pastime.


See It?:  Yes.

Another stylish horror film.  A coming to America for Hannibal Lecter, with creepy visuals, a dedicated aesthetic, and some nice performances.  It looks like it will press the “creepy” button long and hard, and look pretty while doing so.


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