Coming Soon Trailers: Independence Day Resurgence, Free State of Jones, The Shallows

Coming Soon Trailers.

Can Independence Day become resurgent after 20 years away from the Box Office?


That tag line is the perfect summary of Hollywood movies in summer.
That tag line is the perfect summary of Hollywood movies in summer.

Roland Emmerich leads the charge this weekend with a two decade delayed follow up to summer blockbuster roots with Independence Day Resurgence.  Matthew McConaughey would like your vote for another Oscar as he roles out his Civil War drama, Free State of Jones.  Finally, The Neon Demon gets a wide release after making the awards circuit and The Shallows gets bumped up a weekend.  Given the recent spate of shark sightings all over the US, that’s a pretty prescient move.

Wide Release

Independence Day Resurgence

Independence Day Resurgence
We, uh, are going to, um, need, uh, a bigger boat, um.

It’s been twenty years since aliens almost wiped out humanity and took over our lease here on Earth.  Luckily they didn’t count on Apple products being cross-species compatible or Randy Quaid being a weird sonofabitch and it actually working out for humanity for a change.  In the time we’ve had, humanity reverse engineered much of the invading hordes tools to create a new defense…unfortunately the aliens were ready for this.  They’ve upped their game, and a new invasion is headed to Earth on the Fourth of July.


See It:  Yes…on the cheap.  This is getting faint praise as a successor to the mindless popcorn fun of the 1990’s, which is great, but probably not worth a premium ticket.  Plus it feels weird that its not waiting for July to premier.

The Neon Demon

A natural beauty becomes sucked into the glitzy but superficial world of fashion, only to quickly be surrounded by jealous and violent “well wishers.”


See It:  Rent it.  I’ve discussed this one before, but here we go again with a wide release.  At first I was enthusiastic (and yes, mostly because it was a stylish horror film with Keanu in it.)  It didn’t do so well at the juried shows, but apparently got a wide release anyway.  Stay cautious.

Free State of Jones

The Academy Awards favorite phrase, based on a true story, this movie tells the story of a small claim farmer (Matthew McConaughey) who rejects the Confederacy.  He cobbles together a coalition of like-minded poor farmers and former slaves to secede from the secessionists.  That’s Inception levels of a Civil War plot-line.


See It:  Catch it in February when it re-releases after McConaughey is inevitably nominated for his role as the leader of this anti-slavery, anti-government rebellion.

The Shallows

A surfer is stranded 100 meters from shore by an intelligent shark that is using her as bait to lure other surfers into the water.  She must engage in a battle of wits and survival against the apex predator before exhaustion, hypothermia, or a huge set of razor sharp teeth ruin her perfect wave.


See It:  Yes, in theaters.  This is already being called the scariest shark movie since Jaws…which is much better than the spate of awful shark movies like Giant Sharks or Sharknadoes we’ve been seeing lately.

Video On Demand


A young muscian prepares to leave her familiar apartment for the last time to take her dream job across the country.  A storm turns her last few days into a precarious experiment in isolation, and she grows to fear that she may not actually be alone in her flat after all.


See It:  No.  This premise would be a great comedy, six weirdo’s all end up in one girls place, jockeying for position as the masked strangler.  As a horror film?  This is pretty much done to death already.

Vigilante Diaries

An internet-tainer (Jason Mewes) sparks controversy by following the exploits of a vigilante aptly called The Vigilante (Rampage Jackson.)  They both end up over their heads when The Vigilante crosses some very powerful criminals (and corrupt cops, and drug cartels, and…well everyone else!) and comes for a reckoning.


See It:  If it’s cheap.  There’s some playfulness here (all Jason Mewes) but the rest is painfully self-serious action porn.  It’s a budget The Expendables, only not in on its own joke.

The Duel

A sleepy Texas town becomes the battleground between a gung-ho Texas Ranger (Liam Hemsworth) and a charismatic preacher (Woody Harrelson) who may be operating a cult.


See It:  God no.  I love westerns and I wanted to walk out half-way through the trailer.  Then it got worse.  Avoid.

Man Vs. Snake

In 1983 a man played a relatively unknown game and was the first recorded person to score One Billion points in a video game.  Some people cared.  More than 30 years later, his record is being challenged and he has come back to prove his chops on that original, fateful game:  Nibbler.


See It:  Yes.  A documentary with mixed animated and live action sequences.  This feels like Bob’s Burgers meets The King of Kong…which is exactly what they were going for.  Looks like fun.

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