Coming Soon Trailers: Inferno, The Unspoken.

Coming Soon Trailers: Inferno, The Unspoken.

Only two new movies this week, so we’ll catch up with some of the limited releases out this month.

Coming Soon Trailers: Inferno, The Unspoken.After a tidal wave of new stuff, this week everyone is hunkering down for Halloween. (By the way, I looked ahead for how the last weekend in October usually ends up:  brutal.  The only time this weekend is not a complete shit show is when Halloween is on a Tuesday.  Otherwise, holy crap this holiday is box office kryptonite.)  There’s one new wide release and one new VOD feature this week.  So in order to avoid a stubby little T-Rex article with two pathetic little arms, we’re going to catch up with some of the limited release features that have been slowly expanding.  You’re welcome.

Wide Release


Tom Hanks is back as Professor Langdon, trying to solve one last biblical mystery before the world ends.  This thriller series, which is basically The Goonies for gloomy conspiracy theorists (The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons), has run so empty that now Langdon has amnesia.  Oh boy.

See It:  Maybe.

If you liked the first two, then go right ahead.  The visuals look crisp, and the acting is solid, but the puzzles feel a little obvious, and relying on the old “hero has amnesia” trope is not a good sign of fresh writing.

Limited Release

The Queen of Katwe

A young woman in Uganda discovers her talent for chess, uniting her family and community behind her as she sets her sights upon becoming an international champion.

See It:  Yes.

A rock-solid cast of award winners such as Lupita Nyongo and David Oyelowo, and a nice spin on the conventional rags to champions sports biopic.


A scholar challenges a leading historian who denies that the Holocaust happened.  Due to the UK’s libel laws, she must defend her position in the courts by proving the Nazi atrocities occurred.

See It:  Yes.

Another great cast and gripping story.  I love court-room dramas, and based on the amount of time TNT gives Law & Order, so do most people.  I’m sure we’re going to be hearing more of this come Oscar time.


A young black youth must wrestle with his sexual identity in a culture that celebrates hyper-masculinity.

See It:  Yes.

This film is bowling over critics, and the trailer is compelling stuff.  It has an engaging aesthetic, focussing on close-ups and long shots, making it as appealing to the eye as it is to the mind.


In a stretch of desert where immigrants from Mexico are known to attempt crossings, one vigilante has decided to stop people from entering the US at all costs.

See It:  Yes.

Jonas Cuaron, working with his famous father Alfonso (Gravity), makes a horror movie that is timely and gripping.

Video on Demand

The Unspoken

A family moves into a home where the previous owners disappeared without a trace.  That, unsurprisingly, winds up being a mistake.

Thoughts:  Wait for a sale.

From the writer/director of The Hollow, Shallow Ground, and…gulp…Snowmaggedon, this feels like a pretty standard haunted house horror.  If you like that genre, this should keep you entertained, but it doesn’t do all that much to separate itself from the pack.


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