Coming Soon Trailers: Into the Spider-Verse, The Mule, Mortal Engines.

Coming Soon Trailers: Into the Spider-Verse, The Mule, Mortal Engines.

Coming Soon Trailers: Into the Spider-Verse, The Mule, Mortal Engines.

Spider-Man looks to swing into a big weekend with the much anticipated Into the Spider-Verse leading the new releases.

The top three movies have been dominated by animated films lately, which should continue this weekend with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.  After a week with no new wide releases, we get three big hitters this weekend.  Mortal Engines is trying to be the latest young adult lit adaptation to catch fire, and Clint Eastwood is looking for one last Oscar score in his drama The Mule.  The video on demand market is also lively this week.  Nine new releases hit the streaming market, including a return of the horrifically silly icon, The Leprechaun.

Oh, and Deadpool is back with a Christmas flavored, PG-13 version of his hilariously raunchy sequel.

Coming Soon Trailers: Into the Spider-Verse, The Mule, Mortal Engines.
Just go with it.

Wide Release.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

A young man of mixed heritage, Miles Morales idolizes the masked hero Spider-Man.  As he begins to develop his own spider powers, he is visited by Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man.  Peter shows Miles the Spider-Verse, an infinite array of universes where many men and women have donned the iconic red and blue uniform to fight for justice.  Alongside other versions of the web slinger, Miles learns to harness his powers to become his world’s Spider-Man.

The Mule.

An aging veteran (Clint Eastwood) has been making ends meet for the past few decades by running drugs for a Mexican cartel.  In his 90’s and afraid each run will be his last, he decides to hang it up.  To get out, he has to pull one last gig:  move 3 million dollars worth of cocaine through Michigan without getting caught.

Mortal Engines.

After a devastating war that caused a geological catastrophe, humanity has taken refuge in giant mobile cities.  These gargantuan tanks scour the land for resources, occasionally eating smaller cities in the process.  This especially is true of London, the larges mobile fort, run by a megalomaniacal Mayor and a scheming guild leader (Hugo Weaving.)  A young woman (Hera Hilmar) whose mother was killed by the guild leader has come to London to assassinate him, and to stop the giant city before it can chew its way through the wall erected by the free peoples of the Anti-Traction League.

Re-release, kind of?

Once Upon a Deadpool.

Deadpool is back, this time with less cussing and sexy time. He’s probably just as violent since American censors don’t care about murder, just sexy time. Oh, he’s also kidnapped Fred Savage. Merry Christmas!

Video on Demand.


A group of friends on their way to a secluded lagoon pass through the cornfields of a deranged man whose idea of a “keep out” sign is to erect living scarecrows of former trespassers.

Sk8 Dawg.

Tommy is embarrassed because everyone around him can skateboard like a pro, while he remains a klutz.  When a local bully challenges him to a skate-off in front of his friends, he brashly accepts.  Now its up to his friends and his skateboarding dog Buddy to get in shape.

Leprechaun Returns.

A sorority accidentally awakens the murderous Leprechaun when they open an old well that was imprisoning him.

Ghostbox Cowboy.

An cowboy who all hat but no cattle arrives in Shenzhen during the height of China’s tech boom.  Hoping to ride the gravy train, he teams up with another American huckster who has successfully reinvented himself in China.  As they delve deeper, it becomes obvious that they are both in over their heads.

Islam & and the Future of Tolerance.

The stars of a highly viral debate on Islam, atheist speaker Sam Harris and Muslim activist and former UK politician Maajid Nawaz, pair up again to create a documentary series of discussions and debates about the development and role of modern Islam.

Cannibals and Carpet Fitters.

A group of carpet fitters are lured out to a remote home by a clan of hungry cannibals.  Title pretty says it all.


A married Spanish woman at a crossroads in her life decides to hike the Appalachian trail solo, but winds up making a connection with a young American hiker.


An inmate who suffers from amnesia caused during a heist gone wrong is sprung from prison and injected with an experimental drug that forces him to recall his old life.  The people behind the scheme hope to follow him to the money he hid, but a dogged detective (Sylvester Stallone) and the life-threatening effects of the drug complicate the plan.

The Quake.

Oslo, Norway sits atop a tectonic rift that is accelerating in events, pointing to the mother of all earthquakes.  A spiritual sequel to the Norwegian cult classic The Wave.

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