Coming Soon Trailers: IT Chapter 2.

Coming Soon Trailers: IT Chapter 2.

Pennywise returns to the theater for his big showdown, and a ton of imitators flock to streaming.

Coming Soon Trailers: IT Chapter 2.
Bunch of cheap knock-offs…

I hope you like creepy clown movies as much as we do.  Not only do we have the big blockbuster finale of Stephen King’s IT, but we have a clown-car full of pretenders on VOD.  I guess you know your movie is a big deal when all of the mock-busters line up to eat your crumbs.  Since we only have one wide release film this weekend, the streaming market is packed to bursting.  Besides stupidity like Clownado, we get a Korean horror exclusively on Shudder, and John Travolta in a psycho-stalker flick.  Wow.  Quite a weekend ahead of us.

Wide Release.

IT Chapter 2.

Now grown up, the kids of the Losers Club head back to Derry when they learn that Pennywise, the murderous clown/monster who tormented them as children, has returned.

Video on Demand.

6 Hot Chicks in a Warehouse.

A jilted fashion photographer lures six women to a fake photo shoot, pitting them against each other for survival.

Gags the Clown.

A mysterious clown stalks the margins of Green Bay.  Over the course of one night, he appears to four different groups, revealing his terrifying true nature.

Debunkers, Inc.

Three friends hoping to get internet rich and famous have trouble landing real mysteries to solve.  That changes when two desperate high schoolers call on them to solve the murder of their best friend.

Dragon Kingdom.

A brave band of warriors must travel a dragon infested wasteland in order to rescue their king and prevent the Dark Lord from taking over the kingdom.


A cursed circus of clowns looks to get revenge on humanity via tornadoes.  As one does.

The Wrath (Shudder).

A curse begins to kill all of the male family members of a powerful 14th century Korean official.  His pregnant widow faces the ire of his powerful family, and the vengeful curse targeting her unborn child.

Low Tide.

A group of teens fund their summer fun by breaking into summer homes.  When a pair of them discover a big score, they try to keep it for themselves, setting off a wave of deception and violence as their paranoid leader begins to suspect them.


A strong minded young woman is sent to a reform school that hides vicious social re-programming under a pink facade.  Along with some supernatural help, the young woman struggles to put an end to the patriarchal indoctrination of the school.

The Fanatic.

Moose is a socially awkward man (John Travolta) who is obsessed with celebrity.  When his favorite star snubs him, he turns to an unethical paparazzo to get close to his mark.  As his fandom turns darker, he begins to stalk his idol with increasing violence.

Satanic Panic.

Sam’s first day delivering pizza ends poorly when her last fare is a cult full of Satanists who need one more victim for their ceremony.



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