Coming Soon Trailers: Jason Bourne, Bad Moms, Nerve

Coming Soon Trailers.

Jason Bourne returns to lead the charge this weekend, we have another female led ensemble comedy hitting theaters, and Nerve dares you to watch a thriller when its 100 degrees out.

Wide Release

Jason Bourne

Bourne (Matt Damon) is once again drawn into conflict with his former handlers at the CIA.  After having been defeated 3 times before, the government still thinks it’s a great idea to mess with Bourne.


See It:  Rent it.  Nothing seems particularly novel about this entry.  Rent the first couple films and make it a Bourne marathon if you’re so inclined.

Bad Moms

Amy (Mila Kunis) appears to be the perfect mom: she has her own career, is actively involved with her children, and works with the local PTA.  On the inside, though, all of these expectations are making her life hell.  After on particularly rotten day, Amy snaps and lets all of the other moms of the PTA know she has had enough of cookie-cutter perfection.  While many flock to her rebellion, others stay loyal to Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate) who is head of the PTA.  Gwen decides to make Amy pay.


See It:  Yes.  Actually looks pretty funny, has a great cast, and is directed by the same guy who did the Hangover.


Vee is a mild mannered teen who is peer pressured into trying the latest online fad, Nerve, a dare game where you can make money by filming yourself carrying out dares from the community of online viewers.  What starts as a coming of age romp becomes sinister as the viewers demand more dangerous stunts, and the game’s handlers refuse to let Vee off the hook.


See It:  Yes.  Interesting premise with a solid visual style, this film looks like it is tugging on some cultural and genre conventions in inventive ways.

Video on Demand

The Land

Four teens with few prospects find a stash of drugs and decide to sell them.  Things go predictably bad.


Thoughts:  while the premise is certainly nothing new, the cast seems game and the talent behind the production gives it credibility.

Ants on a Shrimp

This documentary follows NOMA, a high luxury restaurant, that decides to reinvent itself in Japan.


Thoughts:  Oh good, another documentary about how hard it is to make it in fine dining.  Didn’t we already get a NOMA documentary this year?

Lace Crater

After a drug and beer fueled weekend, a young woman discovers that her last hookup was with a ghost, and she’s now suffering an increasingly bizarre rash of paranormal STDs.


Thoughts:  Despite a lackluster opening, the trailer really starts to get engaging when it explores the elements of body horror and shame the victim experiences after one careless night of sleeping with a dead guy.

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