Coming Soon Trailers: John Wick Chapter 3.

Coming Soon Trailers: John Wick Chapter 3.

Coming Soon Trailers: John Wick Chapter 3.

This weekend three new wide release films hope to unseat Avengers Endgame at the box office.

We get the heartwarming climax to the story of a man and his dog this week.  No, not A Dog’s Journey.  John Wick 3!  Keanu Reeves and his emotional support dog explore the bond between owner and pet, while dodging assassins and pulling off glorious head-shot kill streaks.  Next to that, Dennis Quaid and his reincarnated canine don’t stand a chance.  Alongside these two dog films, we get a star-crossed romantic drama, The Sun is Also a Star.

Coming Soon Trailers: John Wick Chapter 3.
Now THAT’S a dog’s purpose!

The home market shakes off the Avengers doldrums as we hit the middle of the month.  There are nine new streaming titles out, ranging from small town crime dramas to *checks notes* a resurrected cowboy werewolf defending a town against the werewolves that killed his wife.  Okay, then.  Let’s see what else we’ve got…

Wide Release.

A Dog’s Journey.

Bailey, the dog who found himself reincarnated several times in order to bring hope to his former owner, Ethan (Dennis Quaid), now find’s himself body hopping some more.  This time around, Bailey is trying to help CJ, Ethan’s granddaughter, who is suffering under her neglectful and abusive mother.

John Wick – Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

Dragged back into the world of assassins and hit men, John broke the ultimate taboo by killing a high ranking member of the High Table on neutral ground.  With a gigantic bounty on his head and the protection of the High Table revoked, John (Keanu Reeves) must call in old favors in order to escape New York alive.

The Sun is Also a Star.

College-bound Daniel meets Natasha, and they instantly click.  Unfortunately, this may be Natasha’s last day in the United States, as her immigrant parents face deportation amidst the culturally charged backdrop of New York City.

Video on Demand.

Life Hack.

A web cam left on leads a young woman scrambling to protect her privacy in the modern digital landscape.

How You Look at Me.

Charlie moves to a rural mansion in France, left to him by his father.  There, he meets Mia, a mysterious woman who initiates a torrid love affair.  Events come to a head when Charlie’s fiancée Ella arrives.

Saint Bernard.

A horror story about a classical music conductor who is losing his grip on sanity.

High Moon.

A gunslinger werewolf rises from the grave to avenge his slain wife and destroy the werewolves who cursed him.

Good Sam (Netflix)

A philanthropist known only by his nickname Good Sam leaves thousands of dollars on random doorsteps in NYC.  An investigative reporter attempts to learn the identity of this anonymous good Samaritan.

A Violent Separation.

A Midwestern lawman chooses to shield his brother from accusations of a heinous murder.  As he helps his brother cover up the crime, he falls for the victim’s younger sister, putting his loyalty to family to the test.

All Creatures Here Below.

A young couple living on the margins in LA commit a desperate crime.  Forced to flee back to their home town of Kansas City, they become caught between the forces pursuing them and the dark secrets that caused them to leave in the first place.

Shed of the Dead.

Um.  A shed.  Of the Dead.  Sounds about right.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle.

Two sisters live on a walled estate with their reclusive uncle.  The trio live under the shadow of a tragedy that killed the girl’s immediate family.  Despite being ostracized by the community, the two sisters make a home.  Everything is changed with cousin Charles arrives, looking to break their isolation, a result one sister longs for and the other despises.



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