Coming Soon Trailers. Joker, Judy.

Coming Soon Trailers. Joker, Judy.

Coming Soon Trailers. Joker, Judy.

Joker arrives amidst controversy, and the Judy Garland biopic expands nationally after a limited engagement.

Coming Soon Trailers. Joker, Judy.
No such thing as bad publicity, eh?

We’re apparently up the J’s in Hollywood’s Rolodex.  The elephant in clown make-up in the room is Warner Brothers’ origin story for the Joker.  The film arrives with a lot of baggage in tow; speculation about inspiring copy-cat violence, a rocky press tour that was cancelled after a few dicey interviews, and an decidedly lukewarm critical reception from early viewings.  WB may be counting on that notoriety generating buzz for the film, not to mention the baked-in audience for comic fans looking to see the fifth movie portrayal of the clown prince of crime.

While Joker is the only new wide release, it will be joined by a national expansion for Rene Zellweger’s biopic, Judy.  The film showed to limited audiences last week and had phenomenal numbers.

Thirteen new movies arrive on the streaming market.  Netflix chips in another Stephen King adaptation, In the Tall Grass, while HBO premiers a documentary about Diego Maradona.  And of course we have another creepy clown movie, because apparently there’s always another one waiting in the wings for the slightest chance of drafting behind a wide release featuring a clown.  I guess it’s fitting; 2019 is shaping up to be a pair of clown shoes anyway.

Wide Release.


Aspiring comedian Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) more often serves as the butt of the joke when it comes to life.  As his dreams slowly die, he begins a slide into depravity that will eventually see him become the iconic villain:  The Joker.

National Expansion.


Thirty years after her iconic role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Judy Garland (Rene Zellweger) gets set to perform a series of sold out shows in London.  While there, she reflects on her life in the limelight, and begins a romance with Mickey Deans, the musician who would go on to be her fifth husband.

Video on Demand.

Diego Maradona (HBO).

A documentary about the storied career of soccer great Diego Maradona, including his problems off of the pitch.


A young man struggling to pay for college takes a dodgy job evicting tenants late on their rent.  Soon, supernatural forces come looking to collect on his uncharitable deeds.


A woman with a rare skin disease needs to receive transplants from healthy young women.  As she gets increasingly desperate, she turns to murder to try to stave off the illness.

Eco-Terrorist:  Battle for Our Planet.

A film team follows famous/notorious environmentalist Captain Paul Watson as he battles against other vessels that target rare and endangered marine species.

Once Upon a Time in Deadwood.

An heiress poisons a gunfighter, promising him the antidote if he rescues her sister from a group of outlaws.  And no, that’s not Charles Bronson back from the grave.


Stan is a country boy in the big city.  He agrees to accompany his rich roommate on a series of late night adventures in New York.

Wrinkles the Clown.

A viral video surfaces of a creepy clown emerging from beneath a child’s bed.  The story attached says that Wrinkles the clown will scare misbehaving children in the Naples Florida area for a fee, with an actual telephone messaging service anyone can call.  A film crew digs into the viral legend, talking to kids, parents, law enforcement and Wrinkles himself.

Memory: The Origins of Alien.

A documentary exploring the genesis of Ridley Scott’s iconic science fiction horror creation, Alien.

The Parts You Lose.

Wesley, a deaf boy, discovers an injured man (Aaron Paul) and helps him to recover.  They form an unlikely bond, but the police are closing in on the wanted fugitive.

In the Tall Grass (Netflix).

A brother and sister go into a field of tall grass in response to hearing a cry for help.  Soon, they are lost and discover something evil hunting them, just out of sight.

Delili in Paris.

Delili is a young aristocrat visiting turn-of-the-century Paris. She becomes determined to solve a series of mysterious kidnappings that will take her from the heights of high society to the depths of the Parisian streets in pursuit of the enigmatic Master Men.

Semper Fi.

Cal (Jai Courtney) plays by the books in his daily life as a police officer and Marine Corp reservist, until his rash younger brother is given a harsh prison sentence for a minor offense and he must decide between family and the law.

Rogue Warfare.

An elite team of paramilitary soldiers are sent on a secret mission to a black site, where they discover that a terror cell possesses biological weapons.  Before they can relay their info, they are surrounded by enemy forces and must fight their way out.



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