Coming Soon Trailers: Joy, Concussion, Point Break

Point break coming soon trailers

Coming Soon Trailers

No Keanu, no h-way!
No Keanu, no h-way!

If we’ve spotted one big trend this year, it is that viewers love to binge.  We have had some of the worst weekends for new releases last for nearly months only to suddenly erupt into an orgy of outrageous box office earnings and trailers.  When people are in the mood to watch, it doesn’t seem to matter what the hell is in theaters alongside the big draw, they’re going to watch a goddamn movie!  The rising tide of Star Wars lifted all boats last weekend, and this week we have a  veritable yacht club of new releases hoping to surf that wave.  Yes, that is quite possibly the worst mixed metaphor I’ve written, but I’ve also just had to watch the trailer for Point Break for the eleventh time, and that movie is basically a mixed metaphor that somehow got made into a feature length film!

We haven’t any VOD releases this week, but we do have several notable limited release films.  Keep your eyes peeled for them in your area, and we’ll discuss them at length when they make their national debuts.

Wide Releases


This film is inspired by true events where one woman must survive the pressures and threats of the business world and a conservative family, neither of which have much respect for a woman who is attempting to run her own company and follow her own dreams.


When to See It:  Rent it after it gets the obligatory Oscar nod in March.  David O.Russell is starting to feel like a caricature of himself with his films, and though he continues to hit the same beats each film (and with the same casts,) he has still failed to take home the golden statuette that will hopefully allow him to stop making ponderous and “poignant” Oscar bait year after year.


Another inspired by true events story (and therefore certified to receive an Oscar nomination) that tells the drama of Dr. David Omalu, a neuropathologist who blew the whistle on the link between professional football and the debilitating brain injuries common to its players.


When to See It:  Rent it after the Oscars are announced and you feel like catching up on all of the “important” films not named Star Wars that came out in 2015.

Point Break

A group of “extreme athletes” pull off daring crimes as the ultimate rush, and an undercover FBI agent must chug a six-pack of Mt. Dew and attempt to infiltrate the group.


When to See It:  Never.  Go rewatch the original instead.  At least that film was so bad it was good.

Daddy’s Home

This holiday pits two fathers against each other for the affection of their children.  A cool but irresponsible ex-husband (Mark Wahlberg) is determined to gain the love of his children back from the dependable but clueless step-father (Will Ferrell) who currently is raising them.


When to See It:  Holiday comedies can sometimes surprise you, and though this film doesn’t feel entirely fresh, it does seem pretty roundly funny.  If you get tired of action, give this one a shot in theaters this weekend.

Limited Releases and Expansions

The Big Short


The Hateful Eight


The Revenant


Video on Demand

None!  Now go see Star Wars again, and have a wonderful, movie-filled holiday!

Happy Life Day, suckers!
Happy Life Day, suckers!



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