Coming Soon Trailers: Jurassic World, Soaked In Bleach

So the glass that would keep this kid safe from a 20 ton monster would need to be so thick the kid would be standing in another time zone...

Coming Soon Trailers!

Not sure what to watch this weekend? Well here at Deluxe Video we sift through all the trailers of the upcoming movies and tell you what to watch and what to avoid. Because we care about your time, loyal reader…and perhaps because nothing is as much fun as righteous anger when a trailer fails to deliver the goods!

Jurassic World

Jurassic World trailer
So the glass that would keep this kid safe from a 20 ton monster would need to be so thick the kid would be standing in another time zone…

History repeats itself, and no franchise likes to remind us of this fact more than the Jurassic Park series.  Twenty plus years after the events of the first film (and hopefully deep-sixing the events of the terrible sequels) Isla Nublar is finally home to a functioning dinosaur theme park staffed with real dinos.  Unfortunately the park going patrons have become tired with the same old attractions (despite the fact that kids still haunt science museums just to see the same old dinosaur bones, and have done so religiously for decades…) so the corporate controllers of the park decide to whip up a new creature in the lab, which doesn’t go so well…as is a surprise to absolutely nobody with the least bit of familiarity with this franchise.  The Jurassic Park series has been repackaging the stale “don’t play God with Nature” chestnut for two decades, with studios just slapping a fresh coat of CGI paint on the old girl for each outing.  I guess Michael Bay has pretty much proven to Hollywood that bigger and dumber is better, so expect Jurassic Universe in theaters by 2020.



When to See It:  If big, silly creature-features are your thing, round up your pack of bro-raptors, get on your motorcycle, and see this puppy in IMAX.


Soaked in Bleach

Soaked in Bleach trailer
I’m going to laugh my ass off if the soundtrack is done by Dave Grohl!

Soaked in Bleach recounts the events behind Kurt Cobain’s, as envisioned by Tom Grant, the private investigator that was hired by Courtney Love to track down her missing husband, shortly before he was discovered dead, an apparent suicide.  Grant’s account of the famous rock star’s death challenges the official record, and the film uses both interviews and re-creations to raise the question of foul play in the case.  Not sure what smoking gun (he he) was found that warrants such an in-depth look at a twenty years old “mystery,” and the timing probably has more to do with renewed interest in the troubled musician than with fresh facts, but this should wet the appetite of those with money to burn on conspiracy theories.

When to See It:  I’m guessing that if the death of Kurt Cobain is still a hot issue with you, you’ve already seen every You-Tube documentary available…you can probably safely wait for this to make it to rental!

The Wolfpack

This film manages to be both incredibly disturbing and oddly sentimental, all while celebrating the role film has in the lives of its fans.  The Angulo brothers are six young men who live in complete seclusion in Manhattan.  Their only interaction with the world is through television, and the brothers create a rich fantasy life for themselves by re-creating their favorite films with whatever tools are available to them.  This make-believe world that they are forced to rely on instead of actual societal interaction is shattered when one of the brothers manages to break free.  Now the remaining siblings have to decide which world they want to live in.


When to See It:  If you’re a fan of cinema (and not already training your genetically constructed saurian army to accompany you to see Jurassic World) this film has a lot to recommend it.  I would suggest catching it at your local theater if available, or VOD if that is not an option.

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