Coming Soon Trailers: Just Getting Started, The Disaster Artist.

Coming Soon Trailers: Just Getting Started, The Disaster Artist.

Coming Soon Trailers: Just Getting Started, The Disaster Artist.

The last week before Star Wars has just one new wide release but a plethora of new streaming titles to tide you over.

Coming Soon Trailers: Just Getting Started, The Disaster Artist.
I don’t think you get to make fun of bad movies if you made “Mother May I Sleep with Danger“!

It’s been a rough week so far, so the trailer train is pulling into the station a little late.  Luckily it should be worth the wait since we have a wide variety of films to be interested in this time around.  There is an action comedy starring Morgan Freeman, a dark comedy about the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan debacle from the 90’s, and Seth Rogen and James Franco punching down on everyone’s favorite weirdo film maker, Tommy Wiseau.

On the home front, the selection is just as varied.  Toby Jones has one heck of a thriller about abuse, mental trauma, and wanting to kill your mother.  There is a post-apocalyptic survival tale, a haunted magic forest story, a drama about coming of age, and an odd amount of yarns about struggling writers.  I’m sure the script writers aren’t just projecting here.

Since we’re coming in hot, I won’t be giving more than a simple yes or no for recommendations.  Let’s get cracking.

Wide Release.

Just Getting Started.

A former lawyer for shady clients (Morgan Freeman)  and a retired FBI agent (Tommy Lee Jones) start out as rivals in their Palm Springs retirement community, but wind up having to partner up in order to stop a mob hit.

See It?:  Yes.

National Expansion.

The Disaster Artist.

A comedy about real life oddball Tommy Wiseau and his quest to make what would turn out to be the “best bad movie of all time”. Based on the book written by Wiseau’s partner in film making crime.

See It?:  No.

Limited Release.

I, Tonya.

A darkly comedic adaptation of the rise and fall of ice skater and Olympic hopeful Tonya Harding (Margot Robbie), who was disgraced when she colluded to have her on-ice rival attacked.

See It?: Yes.

Video On Demand.

F the Prom.

Two former friends at the opposite ends of the high school pecking order come together to ruin the ultimate popularity contest, the senior prom.

See It?:  No.

Princess Cyd.

Cyd  moves away from her deteriorating home-life for the summer and spends her vacation expanding her horizons with the help of her estranged Aunt and a whirlwind romance with a barista named Katie.

See It?:  Yes.

Fits and Starts.

An unknown writer is struggling with his wife’s booming literary career.  When his plans to attend a writer’s gathering go awry, he’s left questioning what direction to take his personal and professional life.

See It?:  No.

The Gatehouse.

A struggling writer and his 10 year-old daughter are trying to cope with the death of his wife.  Trying to break the slump, he takes on an odd task to write about a supernatural legend that may have something to do with a mysterious object his daughter found in the woods.  The two have to fight for survival when the spirits of the forest come to collect their item.

See It?: Yes.

Fast Convoy.

A group transporting a large stash of drugs through southern Spain has their plans derailed when a random event causes a shoot-out and the taking of a hostage.

See It?:  Yes.

Apocalypse Road.

In a post-apocalyptic world, two sisters are separated by a murderous gang.  Each must make life and death decisions in order to survive and be reunited.

See It?:  No.


A man recently release from a lengthy stint in prison (Toby Jones)  tries to get his life back.  His fumbling attempts at romance are ruined when his abusive mother reappears in his life, bringing back memories that continue to haunt him and may have led to the choices that put him away.

See It?:  Yes.

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