Coming Soon Trailers: Keanu, Ratchet and Clank, High-Rise

Box Office Wrap Up: Get Out Captures First Place.
What a difference a year makes!

highComing Soon Trailers.

This week we have an even mix of new releases and video on demand trailers, all with a nice spread of genres and budgets.  I guess everyone is trying to get their wares to market before the superheroes arrive next weekend and dominate the summer season.  Let’s get cracking.

Wide Release


Two lovable losers with no street cred must impersonate hardened criminals in order to save their stolen pet, a kitten named Keanu.


When to See It:  I don’t know about you, but seeing as Keanu and Kittens are two of my favorite things, I’m catching this bad boy in the theater.  I know I always say that seeing comedies on a big screen is a waste of ten bucks, but this is Key and Peele‘s first movie venture, so if you like their stuff (which is funny as hell) go out and support them.

Mother’s Day

Three generations of women come together in the week leading up to mother’s day and…do something?  Honestly, that is the most generic tag line for a movie I have ever heard.


When to See It Never.  Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Jason Sudeikis.  That is a who’s who of people who can’t act but still get roles because they appeal to the check-out lane magazine crowd.  This movie is hoping seeing familiar faces will make you forget this is a holiday cash grab without a plot or any decent humor.

Ratchet and Clank

Two unlikely heroes (a vaguely cuddly mammal type creature and a robot) must team up to save the galaxy from a generic evil alien, all while learning a generic lesson about stuff.


When to See It:  Never.  There’s not even an excuse to take your kids to this: they never played this ancient series of games!  This franchise has been irrelevant for so long, it’s baffling as to why it got made…and then I started seeing the trailers for the tie-in video game.  I see.  The movie is a way to re-launch the game series, and hopefully fool a few nostalgic people along the way into seeing the movie.  You know what?  I’ve never even seen the trailer to the MOVIE in all of these months, only the GAME (nonstop, I might add,) which shows you where the priorities are.

Video On Demand


A luxury apartment building seems to offer all inside the ultimate life of ease.  Laing (Tom Hiddleston) is the newest resident on the block, and quickly makes himself at home rubbing elbows and martini stems with the hoi poloi of upper society.  Trouble sets in when basic facilities start disappearing.  The water is sporadic, the power goes out, and there are rumors that other floors aren’t having those problems…Soon everything is anarchy as those without begin to attack their neighbors.


See It:  Yes.  I would say see it today…but that asking price.  $10?  That’s an IMAX ticket (where I live, its actually a dollar more than IMAX!.)  I know you have a big name star, and there’s been some great press for this thing, but you’re still asking me for premium money.  I refuse to pay you more than the price of a ticket for VOD, and you at home should do the same.  Let this High-Rise come back down to Earth first.

Pop Meets the Void

A musician trying to complete his first album finds his world fracturing into two versions:  one where he is a global celebrity flying high on the fame of his amazing first album, and another where he’s a normal Joe still trying to find his way in the highly competitive music industry.  Between the fantasy of the former and the bleak reality of the latter, the musician starts to loose his grip.

See It:  If you’re musically inclined, I would say this is a pretty sure thing.  Its visually innovative, blending live action and stop-motion animation, has a cerebral plot and likes to make fun of mopey emo types.  Its a triple threat!


An older couple (what!?  I thought all horror movies were “a young couple”!)  moves to an isolated island off the coast of Scotland hoping to adopt a child.  They are required to live on the island for a year in order to get approved, and settle into the folksy ways of the people until make a gruesome discovery on their property.  Initially thinking the ritually buried corpse is an artifact, they are shocked to learn it is the body of a recently missing teen, and that they may be sharing their island with a homicidal cult which sacrifices pregnant women.


See It:  The trailer actually has more teeth than the official tag line, so I’ve upgraded this film to a tentative yes.  I would need to see a pretty low asking price (2-3 bucks) and would be happy to catch this on a weekend.





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