Coming Soon Trailers: Kevin Hart- What Now?, Max Steel.

Coming Soon Trailers: Kevin Hart- What Now?, Max Steel.

Three more new arrivals, including an unconventional stand-up special by Kevin Hart, hope to gain ground against another 7 VOD releases.

Coming Soon Trailers: Kevin Hart- What Now?, Max Steel.
The Amazing Man-Spider? Kid, that sucks!

Finally, an exciting weekend!  Having opted to skip the box office doldrums in favor of catching up on some intriguing VOD reviews, I’m actually looking forward to going to the theater for each of this week’s attractions.  Max Steel is an earnest take on the super-hero genre that doesn’t have big name recognition, but feels more akin to Spider-Man from the golden age than either big screen iterations so far.  Plus the action looks great!

Kevin Hart is taking another giant leap this weekend by fielding a big budget stand-up special that includes a short movie as an intro.  Hart has been on fire lately, and his work ethic is insane.  If you want to see how hard he’s working to make his mark, check out this episode of Hot Ones, where Hart gets nearly destroyed by hot wings, all so he can plug his movie.  I was leaning towards Max Steel this weekend…but watching Kevin lay it out on a niche (but great) interview show has put me in his camp this week.

Coming Soon Trailers: Kevin Hart- What Now?, Max Steel.
Eat your heart out, James Brown!

On the VOD side, we’ve got 7  new contestants.  It’s going to be a busy weekend.  Let’s get cracking.

Wide Release

Kevin Hart:  What Now?

On his way to a record setting show, Kevin Hart stops to play a little poker and gets into an adventure featuring Halle Berry and some very pissed off Russians.  Then he does a solid hour of stand up.

See It?:  Yes.

Kevin Hart is working harder than if Jackie Chan got cast to play Richard Simmons in the “Sweating to the Oldies” biopic.  He’s got three movies out this year, and this is his fourth.  He’s working in comedy, music, and film, and he’s willing to eat absurdly hot wings to get your attention.  Go ahead and give it to him.

Max Steel

A young man discovers a sentient robot created by his father, and must learn to work together in order to fight an impending invasion as the teenage super hero, Max Steel.

See It?:  Yes.

The film is a touch cheesy in the dialogue department, but it is earnest and light hearted while still delivering some really slick action.  It reminds me of Pacific Rim, if the pilot was Peter Parker.

The Accountant

A youth with asperger’s and savant qualities grows up to become a prestigious accountant, who often deals with violent and illegal clients.  He is forced to play a double role as the government calls him in to help crack a case where a wealthy tech firm is hiding billions in assets.

See It?:  Yes.

I was ready to poo-poo this film as yet more Ben Affleck over-load, but the film looks amazing.  Great visuals, strong dialogue, some nice performances, and a compelling plot.  I’m already going to see the new Godzilla this weekend…looks like I’m down for a four film weekend.

Video On Demand

Blue Jay

Two old high-school flames meet again by accident as adults.  They have one night to rediscover the old magic, and to decide if it fits into their new lives.

Thoughts:  See It.

Looks good, the price (free) is right, and the trailer manages to be poignant and funny without being sentimental or foolish.

Doomed!  the Untold Story of Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four

Roger Corman, known for making great cult horror movies and hilariously unhinged action movies, got thrown under the bus by a movie studio who only intended to “film” a Fantastic Four movie in order to retain licensing rights.  Corman and his cast thought they were making a B-movie, but in the end they made history.

Thoughts:  See It.

A great story about the Hollywood movie making process and the ways even established figures can find themselves at the mercy of bad business practices.  Plus, you get to watch lots of out-takes from what would have been the worst super-hero movie of all time…or perhaps the greatest?


In the future, man has resorted to tribal ways, and three young warriors must test their skills against the reclusive leader of their band in a trial of survival.

Thoughts:  Wait for it to be free.

No names, no budget, nothing really ground-breaking, but it does have a bit of style and charm.  If you want to basically watch “Vikings Vs. Predator” this is up your alley.

The Do Over

A mid-life crisis causes a bank executive with a miserable home life (David Spade) to take a vacation with his long estranged high-school best friend (Adam Sandler.)  It turns out that his friend wants them to fake their deaths so they can cash in and live a new life from scratch, finally capturing all of their youthful dreams.

Thoughts:  Sure, why not.

I want to dislike it, which is why I was interested that by the end of the trailer I was probably down to see this.  It is vintage Sandler and Spade, but that actually is a good term.  They’re not playing stale copies of their best work…this may actually be some of their best work since the early 90’s…and it’s Netflix, so it’s free.  Hard to beat that price.

Ordinary World

A mid-life loser (Billie Joe Armstrong) takes his birthday bonus and finally tries to live out his dreams of living the punk-rock lifestyle, if only for a weekend.

Thoughts:  Maybe.

Wow, two mid-life man-child movies in a row, featuring SNL alums.  This one seems less likely to make you laugh out loud, but more likely to resonate emotionally.  It’s not amazing, but it’s decent, and if you like Armstrong’s music, it has plenty of his vibe attached to it.

Sky Ladder

Cai Guo Qiang is an artist whose medium is gunpowder.  His art is fire, smoke, color and sound, and he’s become a world wide phenomenon.  This documentary follows his fourth attempt to create his most ambitious work, The Sky Ladder, a series of controlled explosions that will reach 500 meters into the heavens.

Thoughts:  See it.

Well made, staggeringly beautiful, and strongly resonant.  And free.  There’s a trend here with Netflix dropping their latest wave of in-house films.


A team of amateur ghost hunters find a location that has them locked in a time loop, where they keep finding past versions of themselves.

Thoughts:  Maybe.

It looks like “The Blair Witch (Budget Edition)” but has an interesting time-travel paradox element to it.  The production value is nill and the acting is barely passable, but it still could warrant a view if the price is right.

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