Coming Soon Trailers: Kin, Searching, Operation Finale.

Coming Soon Trailers: Kin, Searching, Operation Finale.

Coming Soon Trailers: Kin, Searching, Operation Finale.

Summer’s last hurrah features revenge, missing persons, and a science fiction family drama.

Coming Soon Trailers: Kin, Searching, Operation Finale.While I can’t say I’ve been thrilled with the quality of August’s offerings, the diversity has been refreshing.  From giant sharks to puppets, BlacKkKlansmen to Crazy Rich Asians, the final month of summer has had a lot of variety to choose from.  It continues as we head into the Labor Day Weekend.  We have a historic espionage drama about the hunt for Hitler’s right hand man, a father using technology to search for his missing daughter, and a multi-racial family struggling with urban crime and alien technology.  Not your average weekend.

If you want to spend the long weekend at home, there are 11 new rental offerings hitting the streaming market market.

Wide Release.


Elijah is the young adopted son of a multi-racial family, struggling with loneliness  since his older foster brother is sent to prison.  On the eave of his brother’s release, he stumbles upon a derelict building and the scene of a battle.  In the rubble he finds a high-tech weapon of possible alien design.  With former gang members after his brother for old debts, Elijah decides to use the weapon to protect his family.

Operation Finale.

Israeli agents pursue Adolph Eichmann, one of the architects of the Holocaust, to Argentina.  Undercover, they hope to sneak him out of the country to stand trial for his role in the tragedy.


After his daughter goes missing, a father scrambles to find her by following a trail of digital clues spread throughout her social media accounts.

Video on Demand.

Calling All Earthlings.

A documentary about George Van Tassel, a former confidant of famed eccentric Howard Hughes, who founded a UFO cult.

Public Disturbance.

YouTube pranksters the Janoskians are hired by Mike Tyson to liven up a party.  When Iron Mike cancels on them, they plan to hijack the party and go viral.

The Elephant and the Butterfly.

A man who loved and left returns to Brussels to see his old flame, only to wind up babysitting her young daughter.

Brand New Old Love.

Hannah and Charlie were best friends who shared a secret crush on each other as teens.  They made a joking promise to marry if they were both single at 30.  15 years later, struggling at their adult lives, they decide to go through with it.  Unfortunately, teen love is fickle and plans change.

Support the Girls.

The manager at a Hooters-esque sports bar has her boundless optimism sore tested by one day from hell at the restaurant.

The Man Who Loves to Hurt Himself.

A documentary about aggresive and experimental rocker Steve Austin.

S.M.A.R.T. Chase.

A former security agent is hired to escort valuables out of Shanghai but is ambushed along the way.

Boarding School.

A troubled 12-year old is sent to a boarding school for problem children, and is forced to survive the horrific happenings that plague the old building.

Blood Fest.

A group of horror enthusiasts head to a classic fright fest marathon, only to discover the host has a bloody plan for his audience.


A bank manager is scarred by a deadly heist pulled off at his bank that killed a close co-worker.  He teams up with a retired cop to get personal justice when the case stalls out with the authorities.

American Circumcision.

A documentary by “intactavists” who want to stop the practice of infant circumcision.


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