Coming Soon Trailers: Kong- Skull Island.

Box Office Wrap Up: Kong is King of Box Office.
Technically, we're talking monkey business...

Coming Soon Trailers: Kong- Skull Island.

The mighty King Kong stands alone for wide releases this weekend.

Coming Soon Trailers: Kong- Skull Island.
If he flings his poo at you, it is not going to be pleasant.

March is already off to a strong start at the box office with the super-mutant western Logan making top dollar.  Can yet another reboot of the King Kong franchise, this time featuring a 400 foot tall version of the great ape, manage to come out in first place?

If giant monkeys are not your thing, we’ve got a quartet of new films on VOD, including a burlesque documentary, an unconventional love story, a Western, and of course the requisite horror movie.

Wide Releases.

Kong:  Skull Island.

A photojournalist (Brie Larson) and a tracker (Tom Hiddleston) join a paramilitary group to explore an uncharted island with incredible mega-fauna, including a legendary ape the size of a mountain.


See It?:  Rent it.

Despite a ton of talent behind the camera and in front of it, early reviews have this monster mash as a slick but soulless endeavor.  Like Godzilla before it, I doubt a few amazing fight scenes will overcome the flimsy plot and sparse characters.

Video on Demand.


A woman trying to escape a terrible tragedy from her past finds herself on the edge of the American frontier.  A ruthless and violent preacher with ties to her arrives and attempts to drag her back into the nightmare.


See It?:  Rent it.

A strong aesthetic and stark visuals, and a cast that has quite a bit of potential.  I’m put off by Guy Pierce’s accent, and after suffering through The Rover, I’m leery…but I think there’s enough here to justify a rental.

Burlesque – Heart of the Glitter Tribe.

A documentary exploring the world of Burlesque theater, featuring interviews from many of the top dancers in the genre.


See It?:  Skip it.

Burlesque isn’t my thing, but I usually like documentaries that explore niche communities.  Unfortunately, this film seems so intent on lionizing its subject (right down to that god awful title) that only those already sold on the art medium will probably appreciate this flick.

Ghosts of Darkness.

Two rival ghost hunters find themselves trapped in a haunted mansion with a secret more powerful and sinister than they bargained for.


See It?:  Burn it with fire.

This is terrible.  The production values look like a BBC 3 program, the special effects are not very special, and the characters are over-acted and filled to the brim with self important dialogue.

The Other Half.

A woman with bipolar disorder and a bereaved man start a fragile relationship.


See It?:  Skip it.

A strong cast can’t get over the self importance pervading this film.  I appreciate the premise, but this film just shouts “overwrought” with every scene and line.

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