Coming Soon Trailers: Krampus, Dementia

Coming Soon Trailers: Krampus, Dementia

Coming Soon Trailers

This week is a bit slow, with only one new wide release and VOD trailers coming out. I guess it’s as good a time to catch up on all the films that came out!

Wide Release


When a family holiday party goes wrong, the pent-up anxiety and lack of Christmas cheer summons the Krampus, Santa’s dark twin, who brings death and destruction instead of presents.


Coming Soon Trailers: Krampus, DementiaWhen to See It:  While being the only new wide release may seem like a slam dunk for Krampus, this film is really going to depend on your appetite for cheesy horror films.  The cast is pretty solid, with Toni Collette, Adam Scott and David Koechner, however most of those stars made their bones in comedies, so seeing how they pull off a horror film may be interesting.  If nothing else is calling you from last week, give this one a shot.

Video on Demand


An aging veteran suffering from the early stages of dementia tries to warn his family about the odd behavior of his live-in nurse, but finds that nobody trusts his recollection of events…even himself.

When to See it The trailer is incredibly haunting as things seem to escalate very quickly. However it does nothing for the story unless you enjoy old dudes getting tortured. That being said, I’d probably recommend skipping dementia unless you are in dire straights for a psychological thriller.




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