Coming Soon Trailers: Logan, Before I Fall, The Shack.

Coming Soon Trailers: Logan, Before I Fall, The Shack.

While Logan dominates the news cycle, we have a lot of new movies arriving this week.

Coming Soon Trailers: Logan, Before I Fall, The Shack.
The Citizen Kane of claw wielding mutant movies?

All eyes are on Fox’s latest super-mutant movie, Logan.  After the ringing success of Deadpool, and with the imminent departure of franchise staple Hugh Jackman, this final Wolverine movie may be the film that defines his time as the loner with six claws.  Studio execs are no doubt watching with trepidation to see how a second foray in R-rated territory fares for the X-Men series as a whole after the success of Deadpool.  Early word is positive, but we’ll have a review for Logan in this weekend.

Logan may be the movie to beat, but two other wide releases are also lined up for this week.  After I Fall is a teen mystery with a sci-fi element where a young girl must repeat the last day of her life over and over until she can discover the cause of her tragedy.  The Shack is a spiritual film starring Sam Worthington and Octavia Spencer.  While neither likely can combat Fox’s action flick, they do round out a diverse week of offerings.

That diversity continues into the VOD market.  We have a pair of horror films, a psychological thriller, a family drama, and a documentary about Scientology.

Wide Release.


An aging and emotionally scared former super-hero is tasked with shepherding a young mutant with powers very similar to his own away from a group of paramilitary fanatics bent on controlling the few remaining super-powered mutants.


See It?:  Yes.

While I would like to see a more engaging villain, the story, acting, and visuals look as good as they’ve never been for Fox’s iconic anti-hero, Wolverine.

Before I Fall.

A normal day of high school hijinks, social ladder climbing and illicit partying turns deadly for a young girl who discovers that she must relive the last day of her life until she understands the choices that led to her tragic demise.


See It?:  Yes.

While the “repeat the most important day of your life” trope has become something of an established genre by now, this presentation seems solid and engaging.

The Shack.

The tragic loss of his littler girl haunts a man, turning him into an anger filled wreck.  A mysterious letter summons him back to the scene of the crime, a cabin in the woods, where he meets several strangers who lead him on a spiritual journey through his grief.


See It?:  Skip it.

This isn’t the worst film with a prevalent faith angle I’ve seen come down the pike, but it still shares many of their flaws:  the dialogue is canned “chicken soup for the soul” cliche, the characters are one dimensional, and the resolutions tend to be trite.  I do like that Octavia Spencer is ostensibly playing God in this film.  First Morgan Freeman, then Octavia Spencer?  I like how our deity choices are trending.

Video On Demand.

My Scientology Movie

A British documentary maker attempts to get an inside look at the Church of Scientology, with hilarious and disturbing results.


See It?:  Yes…on Netflix of course.

This looks like a slick documentary, parts Monty Python and parts Hunter S. Thompson, but it may be a tad too cheeky to be worth running out to see.  Netflix is for documentaries, after all.


A young man struggling to get noticed by basketball talent scouts discovers that his troubled father (Michael Shannon) has been embezzling his college fund.  Broke, suffering from a potentially career ending injury, and on the edge, he has to find the determination to pursue his goals.


See It?:  Rent it.

While I struggle with sports movies, basketball especially, I do like the premise here, and I think the film has enough talent in the cast to turn in a more memorable entry in the genre.


A woman who survived a traumatic childhood starts to see visions that remind her of the incident which destroyed her family.  Trying to discover the truth, she returns to her old home and the scene of the crime, only to find that terror is waiting for her.


See It:  Rent it.

It’s not the most original premise, but I was really intrigued by the visuals.  The cast is fine enough, and there weren’t too many overused supernatural thriller tropes. If this film plays up the psychological aspects instead of resorting to jump scares and bogey men, it could be decent.

Don’t Kill It.

A town suffering from an outbreak of violent murders draws the attention of the FBI…and an aging demon hunter who warns them that an evil spirit is afoot.  It jumps from victim to host whenever you kill the last host.


See It?:  Redbox it.

Well, Nate, get ready to review a second Dolph Lundgren movie for Little Box of Horrors.  This looks terrible…but obviously knows it.  The trick is whether or not knowing the movie is schlock will be enough to excuse the silly visuals, gonzo violence, and obviously over-the-hill acting of Mr. Lundgren.

The Institute.

A well-to-do woman in a repressive society chooses treatment at a prestigious asylum.  There she meets a doctor with harsh and seductive methods, and discovers that the cure is worse than the disease.


See It:  Burn it with fire.

James Franco.  Stop making movies.  Please.  This film is abysmally shot, has cheap written all over, and is filled with clunky dialogue.  It also feels like the director couldn’t decide if he wanted to rip off A Cure for Wellness or 50 Shades Darker…so they opted for both!  Skip this trash.

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