Coming Soon Trailers: Mary Poppins Returns, Aquaman, Bumblebee.

Coming Soon Trailers: Mary Poppins Returns
A spoon full of capitalism makes the holidays go down...

Coming Soon Trailers: Mary Poppins Returns, Aquaman, Bumblebee.

Strap in, we’ve got six new wide releases as Hollywood looks to capitalize on a long Christmas weekend.

Coming Soon Trailers: Mary Poppins Returns
A spoonful of capitalism makes the holidays go down…

This week is going to be gigantic at the box office, as a perfect Christmas storm descends upon movie goers.  The lack of a Star Wars has cleared the way for other big franchises (DC, Transformers) to put out their offerings without the Death Star hanging over their heads.  Disney is still looking for a big end of the year coup with the long awaited sequel to Mary Poppins.  Several Oscar hopefuls are contractually obligated to hit theaters this week or miss being eligible.  All of this coupled with a loooong Christmas weekend that traditionally means big bucks for movies.

Understandably, the home market is a bit quieter.  There are three new streaming titles available this week, two of them from Netflix.  Looks like everyone is in agreement that you’re better off heading to the movie theater this weekend.

Wide Release (Wednesday)

Mary Poppins Returns.

Now adults, the Banks children are facing a crisis as their home is about to be foreclosed upon.  In their darkest hour, a familiar face returns to help them out:  magical nanny Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt).

They Shall Not Grow Old.

Director Peter Jackson uses digital technology to revitalize Word War 1 documentary material to allow the soldiers voices to chronicle their harrowing experiences.

Wide Release (Thursday)


Arthur Curry (Jason Mamoa) discovers that he is a super-powered hybrid of human and Atlantean heritage.  In his absence, his half brother has taken over Atlantis and is intent on invading and destroying the surface dwellers who have ravaged the oceans.  As the hero Aquaman, Arthur must reclaim his birthright and prevent a global war.


An origin story for the autobot Bumblebee, set before Michael Bay squandered whatever goodwill the Transformers franchise had.

Second Act.

A talented assistant manager (Jennifer Lopez) is constantly passed over for promotion in favor of younger, college educated candidates.  Tired of her resume obscuring her ability, so she creates a wildly inflated CV…and promptly becomes the hottest prospect on the job market.

Welcome to Marwen.

After a hate crime leaves an aspiring artist (Steve Carell) damaged, physically and psychologically, he struggles to connect.  Attempting to piece together his life, he retreats into a WW2 era fantasy set in a miniature village called Marwen where he can regain his confidence.  His progress is threatened by the upcoming trial of the men who attacked him, forcing him to confront the hate that shattered his life.

National Expansions.

Mary Queen of Scots.

Married and widowed at a young age, Marie Stuart (Saoirse Ronan) resists remarrying and instead takes up the throne of Scotland.  Her fate is complicated by the new queen of England, Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie) who likewise elected to rule without marrying in an era dominated by male monarchs, and who consolidates her power at her rivals expense.

The Favorite.

A frail Queen Ann (Olivia Colman) reigns during a tumultous time of economic expansion and international war with France.  Her confidant, Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz) handles much of the responsibility, making the two very close.  A new serving woman (Emma Stone) enters the picture and replaces Sarah in the affections of the Queen, causing tension and intrigue.

Video on Demand.

Bob Lazar:  Area 51 & Flying Saucers.

A famous/infamous UFO proponent, Bob Lazar has avoided being interviewed on the subjects for which he is famous:  UFO’s and Area 51…until now.

Struggle:  The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski. (Netflix)

An art collector rediscovers the work of a neglected Polish master, Stanislaw Szukalski, and then discovers that the man lives nearby.

Bird Box. (Netflix)

A mysterious terror that kills whatever looks upon it decimates the population.  A young family attempts to flee to sanctuary, but must make the arduous journey blindfolded to avoid seeing the killer.*

*Yikes, Netflix.  This is such an on-the-nose rip-off of A Quiet Place!  “It’s vision, not sound, it’s totally original!”  Yeah,  sure.  How do you even create a monster that kills by being seen?  It’s not like our eyeballs shoot out special photons that it could detect as different from literally ever other photon hitting it all the time.  Is it so scary it frightens you to death?  This is officially dumb as all hell.

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