Coming Soon Trailers: Maze Runner- The Death Cure, Hostiles.

Coming Soon Trailers: Maze Runner- The Death Cure, Hostiles.

Coming Soon Trailers: Maze Runner- The Death Cure, Hostiles.

We have one new wide release and a western expanding nationally.  A western?  Hot dang!

The Maze Runner series of movies comes to a conclusion and Christian Bale plays a hardened frontier fighter in our wide release offerings.  At home, we’ve got another nine movies on VOD that are asking for your consideration in this busy Oscar season.  The good news is that many of them look quite good!

Coming Soon Trailers: Maze Runner- The Death Cure, Hostiles.
It’s a western. Of course I’m going to go see it.

Wide Release.

Maze Runner:  The Death Cure.

After having survived the traps and snares of his enemies, Thomas must break into the last city on Earth to rescue his friends from a ruthless organization that is harvesting their immunity to a deadly plague.

See It?  I guess?

I have no clue what any of this series is about.  I figured there would be more…mazes?  I guess I was wrong.  This, being the end of the series, is for the fans but at least the visuals and action seem to be impressive.

Wide Expansion.


A man made heartless by endless killing out on the frontier is tasked by the US Army to return a Native American chief to his people.  When they come upon a woman whose family was slaughtered, they must safeguard her on their journey through hostile territory.

See It?  Yes.

This movie has gotten a lot of good press, but also a lot of controversy.  I’m not the biggest Christian Bale fan, and this film could easily stray into a violent “cowboys and indians” cliche, but I’m hopeful based on the tone and amount of talent in the trailer.

Video on Demand.

Act and Punishment.

A documentary about the founding and musical activism of the feminist punk band Pussy Riot and their media-catching trial at the hands of the Russian Government.

See It?  Yes.

I like punk, I like activism, and I don’t particularly like Mr. Putin very much.  This is a timely doc with an iconoclastic flair.

Showdown in Manila.

Two former lawmen with a penchant for breaking rules are hired to catch a notorious terrorist in Manilla.

See It?  Wait.

This film is almost a gloriously schlocky B-Movie version of the Expendables, featuring some famous B-List star power.  The only problem is that lead Alexander Nevsky doesn’t seem to be in on the joke and thinks he’s making a respectable action film from the 1990’s.  This could be so bad it’s amazing.

Kate Can’t Swim.

Kate’s life and identity is thrown into turmoil when her friend returns from vacation with a new man in her life.

See It?  Yes.

I’m on the fence here, but the performances seem solid and the themes of sexual identity and a longing you don’t even admit to yourself are intriguing.

House of Salem.

A group of low-rent kidnappers wind up over their head when they discover their young victim is intended to be part of a Satanic sacrifice…and they’re included in the ritual.  They decide to get the boy away from the cult, but their are more than human forces at play.

See It?  Maybe.

There are a lot of interesting visuals, but quite a bit of stock elements.  The acting is alright and the dialogue doesn’t suck, making this leap years better than most VOD horror.  If crazy cults are your thing, this may be good for a view.

The Clapper.

A man who works a shady job endorsing infomercial products winds up internet famous, at his expense.  Becoming the object of ridicule torpedoes his already tenuous life and career, so he decides to lean into the infamy in order to change his life.

See It?  Yes.

This is a quirky comedy with an odd premise that you’d be hard pressed to find repeated.  The cast is filled with talented comedians as well.


Brooklyn hipsters are being offed by a psycho who stalks and kills millennials in Bushwick.

See It?  Nope.

This film has promise, but really needs to embrace its ethos.  This is borrowing so much from zany drive-in horror flicks from the 1950’s and 60’s, but it never seems to totally lean into the material.  Typical hipsters.

Please Stand By.

A young autistic woman obsessed with Star Trek runs away from home in order to hand-deliver her cherished fan-fiction script to a Trek contest in LA.

See It?  Yes.

Deep and odd but earnest, this film is packed with really great actors.  Dakota Fanning, Toni Collette, Patton Oswalt…they’re all funny and touching in this trailer.

The Misguided.

A man trying to pull his brother out of the drug trade must betray and steal from his girlfriend, but the woman’s sister is on to his scheme.

See It?  Nope.

This bird needs to cook a little longer.  Nail down the camera work and maybe get an acting coach for nearly everyone involved.

American Folk.

Two struggling folk musicians meet by coincidence on a flight from LA to New York on 9/11.  When all air traffic is canceled, they decide to team up and travel across the country by any means available to get home.

See It?  Nope.

Hipster nostalgia-fest that manages to make the events of 9/11 all about two sad sack struggling artists.  Blah.

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