Coming Soon Trailers: MIB International, The Dead Don’t Die, Shaft.

Coming Soon Trailers: MIB International, The Dead Don't Die, Shaft.

Coming Soon Trailers: MIB International, The Dead Don’t Die, Shaft.

Hope you’re in the mood for popcorn because we’ve got a full slate of films landing this weekend, both at theaters and at home.

We’ve got a packed house this week.  There are two wide release films, two limited release films, and *ahem* fourteen video on demand offerings.  The big dog is the latest attempt to revive the MIB franchise, which may be the latest film to earn the title “technically first place at the box office but horrendously disappointing.”  I don’t know if I like Sam Jackson’s second try at jump-starting a Shaft franchise much better, though I think it will likely be more fun.  For my money, the Jim Jarmusch zombie flick, The Dead Don’t Die, will be the guilty pleasure of the week.

Coming Soon Trailers: MIB International, The Dead Don't Die, Shaft.
Yes, that is a lot of Shafts. And yes, you are supposed to make that joke.

Wide Release.

Men In Black International.

Agents H (Chris Hemsworth) and new recruit Agent M (Tessa Thompson) battle alien threats to Europe.  So, basically the premise of each of the previous films, just with a little continental class.

Shaft (2019).

FBI agent John Shaft III (Jessie Usher) must team up with his crime-fighting father (Samuel L Jackson) and grandfather (Richard Roundtree) to solve the murder of his best friend.

Limited Release.

The Dead Don’t Die.

A rural country town guarded by a laid-back police force must suddenly contend with a horde of the living dead.

National Expansion.

Late Night.

A late-night talk show host (Emma Thompson) tries to smooth over criticism of her un-diverse staff by hiring a young woman to write for her (Mindy Kaling).  What at first starts as an adversarial relationship turns to a grudging friendship when their comedic tastes begin to mesh.

Video on Demand.


A collection of five horror shorts from new and established directors, tied together by a frame narrative of two women caught in the horrific underbelly of a Hollywood studio.

Ice on Fire (HBO).

Leonardo DiCaprio narrates a documentary about the dire nature of climate change and the innovative new solutions coming to the fore.

Do Something:  The Jeffrey Modell Story.

A documentary detailing the tragic death of Jeffrey Modell from a rare disease at the age of 15, and the foundation his parents created to help others around the world who suffer from the same condition.

Hallowed Ground.

A couple trying to reconcile after an affair head to the woods for a romantic getaway.  Instead, they find themselves in the middle of a blood feud over the land.

Before Homosexuals.

A look at the social history and erotic artifacts of same-sex intimacy from antiquity to the modern day.

Crisis Hotline.

A crisis hotline counselor who is cynical about his job has to suddenly get serious when a stranger makes him the only person who can prevent a triple murder/suicide game.


A housewife trapped in an abusive relationship begins to lose herself in a fantasy world of violence and sexual liberation.

Head Count.

A group of teens head to the desert of Joshua Tree to swap ghost stories out in the wilderness.  When one of them recites an incantation he saw online, it summons a shape-shifting entity that infiltrates the group, and begins picking them off.

Midnight Runner.

A loner with a dark past gets involved with a high school gang and a murder cover up.

Murder Mystery ().

A NYC detective (Adam Sandler, yeah right) and his wife (Jennifer Aniston, yeah right!) finally take a vacation to Europe, but wind up in the middle of a whodunit murder mystery.

Plus One.

Alice and Ben are life long friends who agree to be each other’s dates during a summer of endless weddings.


An American widow (Diane Keaton) who cannot afford her posh London house, and a gruff Irish loner (Brendan Gleeson) living in a tiny cabin are forced together by a ruthless real estate agent, forming an unlikely intimacy.


A team of small time thieves plan to knock over a bank vault, unfortunately containing millions of dollars in Mob money.

Deep Murder.

A group of randy strangers hoping to get lucky, instead wind up caught in a deathtrap as a serial killer picks them off one by one.

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