Coming Soon Trailers: Miss Juneteenth, Followed.

Coming Soon Trailers: Miss Juneteenth, Followed.

Three limited release films join a trio of Virtual Theatrical releases.

This week marks the last week of only limited and virtual releases. Three new limited release films will make physical releases, and three will stream under the Theatrical at Home model. Studios seem to be anticipating attention shifting to theaters as this week boasts a tidal wave of streaming options this week.

Coming Soon Trailers: Miss Juneteenth, Followed.
Oh good. Another straight to VOD Vinnie Jones movie. That’s can’t possibly go wrong

Limited Release.

Miss Juneteenth (Jun. 19)

A former beauty queen and single mom prepares her rebellious teenage daughter for the “Miss Juneteenth” pageant.

Followed (Jun. 19)

To gain more subscribers, a controversial social media influencer stays at a cursed hotel to terrifying results.

Babyteeth (Jun. 19)

When seriously ill teenager Milla (Eliza Scanlen) falls madly in love with small-time drug dealer Moses (Toby Wallace), it’s her parents’ (Essie Davis and Ben Mendelsohn) worst nightmare. But as Milla’s first brush with love brings her a renewed lust for life, traditional morals go out the window, leaving her parents wanting to hold tighter to their little girl. Milla soon teaches everyone in her orbit – her parents, Moses, a sensitive music teacher, a budding child violinist, and a disarmingly honest, pregnant neighbor – how to live like you have nothing to lose.

Theatrical at Home

Proud (Kino Marquee, Jun. 17)

In 1981, it was still illegal to be gay in France. Today, same-sex marriage is recognized and has paved the way for legalizing the adoption of children by LGBTQ families. PROUD tells the story of Charles, Victor and Diego, three generations of the same family who represent the seismic social changes that took place in just three decades.

Crazy World (Alamo at Home, Jun. 17)

CRAZY WORLD opens with the notorious Tiger Mafia embarking on a child-abduction spree. Intending to sacrifice children in a misguided belief that their blood contains magical properties, the criminals make a crucial mistake when they snatch the WAKA STARS, Uganda’s pint-sized kung-fu masters. Before long, these badass brats start applying their martial-arts prowess and cunning wits to escape their captors, while their desperate parents commence a rescue/revenge mission of their own.

Woman on the Beach (Grasshopper Film, Jun. 19)

After creatively blocked filmmaker Jung-rae (Seung-woo Kim) convinces his friend to join him on a brief holiday to finish a script, he begins an affair with the friend’s girlfriend, Mun-suk (Hyun-jung Go). Customary in Hong’s doubled-narrative structures, the film’s second half inverts this triangle when Jung-rae returns to the beach and meets Sun-hee (Seon-mi Song), a woman who resembles Mun-suk.

Video on Demand.

A Whisker Away (Netflix, Jun. 18)

Miyo Sasaki, nicknamed “Muge” meaning “infinitely mysterious,” has a bright personality and is full of energy at school and at home. She is also secretly in love with her classmate Kento Hinode. Miyo tries repeatedly to get Kento’s attention, but he takes no notice of her. She realizes that the only way to get close to him is to transform into a cat, but at some point, the boundary between herself and the cat becomes ambiguous, and she is forced to give up her life as a human…

*Staff Pick: Gorgeous animation and cute-as-beans cats? Yeah, this one takes the weekly pick running away.

Scare Package (Shudder, Jun. 18)

In Scare Package, Chad, the owner of Rad Chad’s Horror Emporium, recounts a series of bone-chilling, blood-splattered tales to illustrate the rules of the horror genre to his newest employee. Each story takes aim at different tropes, paying homage to and subverting the timeless clichés of the beloved genre

You Should Have Left (Jun. 18)

In an effort to repair their relationship, Theo and Susanna book a vacation at a stunning, remote modern home in the Welsh countryside for themselves and their six-year-old daughter, Ella (Avery Essex). What at first seems like a perfect retreat distorts into a perfect nightmare when Theo’s grasp on reality begins to unravel and he suspects that a sinister force within the house knows more than he or Susanna have revealed, even to each other.

Some Other Paris (Youtube, Jun. 18)

Artists, musicians, poets, novelists, playwrights, journalists, radio hosts, gamers, charity workers, costume designers, rabbis and even a sign language tour guide are the subjects of this eccentric, whimsical and spellbinding documentary. French citizens, expats and immigrants alike share their views on everything from the Yellow Vest protests to the Parisian art scene. Their diverse experiences with the trials of city living, politics, money, religion, love and cheese paint an unusually candid picture of Paris, taking spectators far beyond the Eiffel tower.

Jack & Yaya (Jun. 19)

Jack & Yaya captures a year in the life of childhood best friends who go from swapping gendered Christmas gifts as kids to transitioning in their twenties. The titular next-door neighbors grew up together in a rural area but were able to support each other when they learned they were both transgender.

Queen of Lapa (Jun. 19)

A proud transgender sex worker since the age of eleven, Luana Muniz, now fifty-nine, shapes a new reality in her “hostel” by housing a new generation of transgender sex workers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Queen of Lapa explores the day-to-day lives, rivalries, and quests for love of sex workers, as Muniz’s guides them in a city full of hostility towards its LGBTQ community.

Mr. Jones (Jun. 19)

Agnieszka Holland’s thriller, set on the eve of WWII, sees Hitler’s rise to power and Stalin’s Soviet propaganda machine pushing their “utopia” to the Western world. Meanwhile an ambitious young journalist, Gareth Jones (Norton) travels to Moscow to uncover the truth behind the propaganda, but then gets a tip that could expose an international conspiracy, one that could cost him and his informant their lives. Jones goes on a life-or-death journey to uncover the truth behind the façade that would later inspire George Orwell’s seminal book Animal Farm.

Disclosure (Netflix, Jun. 19)

DISCLOSURE is an unprecedented, eye-opening look at transgender depictions in film and television, revealing how Hollywood simultaneously reflects and manufactures our deepest anxieties about gender.

Stardog and Turbocat (Jun. 19)

Launched into space by his scientist owner in 1969, loyal dog Buddy crash lands in the present-day in a small town where pets are no longer welcome. Desperate to be reunited with his owner, Buddy recruits a tech-wiz cat named Felix and together they embark on a daring, madcap adventure. Starring Luke Evans, Nick Frost, Gemma Arterton, Bill Nighy and Charli D’Amelio; STARDOG AND TURBOCAT is a hilarious animated tale about friendship, heroism and the bond between a pet and owner.

Father, Soldier, Son (Netflix, Jun. 19)

This intimate documentary from The New York Times follows one military family over the course of ten years, becoming an intergenerational exploration of the meaning of sacrifice, purpose and American manhood in the aftermath of war. Directed by Leslye Davis and Catrin Einhorn.

Bully. Coward. Victim. The Story of Roh Cohn (HBO, Jun. 19)

This thorough and mesmerizing documentary takes an appropriately unflinching look at the life and death of Roy Cohn, the closeted, conservative American lawyer whose first job out of law school was prosecuting filmmaker Ivy Meeropol’s grandparents, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Moving from the fifties-when he was also chief counsel to Senator Joseph McCarthy-to the crooked deals and shady power brokering of the eighties that led Cohn to becoming the right-hand man and mentor of Donald J. Trump.

I Am Vengeance: Retaliation (Jun. 19)

Former special-forces soldier John Gold is given the opportunity to bring Sean Teague, the man who betrayed his team on their final mission in Eastern Europe several years ago to justice.

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