Coming Soon Trailers: Money Monster, The Darkness, The Lobster

Coming Soon Trailers.

Bring butter.
Bring butter.

After the raging dinosaur that was Captain America: Civil War, some of the meeker studios are starting to poke their heads out of their hiding spots this week.  We’ve got quite a few horror movies making their way to screens big and small, a pair of financial themed thrillers, and a very odd fantasy drama about people who have 45 days to find love or else they’re turned into animals.  I promise it will make sense.  Hopefully.

Wide Release

Money Monster

George Clooney plays a television financial guru whose glib pronouncements and forceful predictions got a lot of people into money trouble during the meltdown.  One of those investors promised glorious earnings and worry-free investing loses everything and decides to make Clooney and his staff pay by holding them hostage live on the air during a taping of his show.


See It:  I think this is going to be good, so I’m hoping to catch it this weekend.  It’s topical and full of talent, and if it manages to make everyone involved in these investing shill shows look sordid and complicit, it will have done its job.

The Darkness

Kevin Bacon stars in a horror/thriller about a family that returns from a vacation at the Grand Canyon with a supernatural entity as a souvenir, one that uses their fears and insecurities to put them through hell.


See It:  Wait for Netflix.  Generic plot, nondescript monster, so-so premise.  A few nice visual elements in the trailer, but not enough to elevate it to the level of “pay to see it.”

Limited Release

The Lobster

Collin Farrell is a single man living in an odd near-future society where being in a committed relationship is mandatory.  If you make it to a certain point in life without finding love, you are sent to The Hotel, where you have 45 days to find a life partner…or else you are transformed into an animal and released into the wild.


See It:  If you can.  There’s no theater count on this film, which has already been banging about the awards circuit for about a year.  It’s got rave reviews, despite the weird premise, and I’m excited for it.  This movie definitely should be coming to streaming service, but it has such a hodgepodge of distribution deals going that I have no clue when it will ever really become available to wider audiences.

Video on Demand

What We Become

An infectious disease forces a family in a “safe” neighborhood to become prisoners in their own home.  As they watch the rule of law and order break down from their windows, they must decide to remain in their homes as the situation becomes increasingly violent, or try to break the quarantine and flee.


I am Thalente

A documentary about a young South African youth who is illiterate and homeless, but has a tremendous talent for skateboarding.  When his story reaches an American skateboarding champ, he is offered a chance to become a professional, if only he can manage the trip to the US.


Cash Only

A Detroit landlord has no end of problems:  his building is falling apart, his daughter’s school is asking for more money, and most of his tenants are dead-beats.  When an eviction leads to him discovering a pile of illicit cash, his problems seem solved.  Unfortunately, the owner of the stash wants it back, and has taken his daughter hostage.  He has 24 hours to put together an exorbitant pay-out, payable in cash only.



A documentary that takes a probing look at the phenomena of furries, people who enjoy dressing in plush animal costumes.  The sub-society is riddled with allegations of deviancy and is the butt of many jokes, so the documentary is candid about having a bias against the group before beginning, but hopes to give a true look into the culture.


Well Wishes

A young professional who loses his job, home and girlfriend in the same week, heads to a fountain to make a desperate last wish…but decides instead to make a living by collecting the coins others have thrown away.  His fountain diving quickly becomes a way of life, and he decides to upscale his operation by traveling the country, pilfering hopes and dreams one wishing well at a time.


The Devil’s Woods

On their way to a music festival, a group of teens stop in a secluded Irish village with a history of evil happenings.  The whole town becomes a killing ground, attempting to dispose of the unlucky outsiders.


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